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Idaho State University

ISU Boise Center Paramedic Program Expands to Pocatello

August, 7, 2003

Pocatello - The Idaho State University College of Technology will begin offering its paramedic program in Pocatello this fall semester after beginning the program two years ago in Boise. The first class of paramedics in the Boise program will graduate this December.

The paramedic program is a 4-1/2-semester course. The curriculum consists of a pre-professional year during which students complete general education and prerequisite science courses, followed by two semesters of lecture, laboratory, clinical field experience and a summer field internship.

Students entering the paramedic program are required to have EMT certificates. However, if they do not have EMT certificates, they are offered the option of declaring a pre-paramedic status and will be allowed to take their EMT courses along with other prerequisite courses. Students who earn the associate of science degree are qualified to take the EMT-P examinations through the national Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Paramedics primarily provide care to patients in and out of the hospital setting. Through patient assessment and provision of medical care, their goal is to prevent and reduce mortality and morbidity due to illness and injury.

Emerging roles and responsibilities of the paramedic include public education, health promotion, and participation in injury and illness prevention programs. As the scope of service continues to expand, the paramedic will function as a facilitator of access to care, as well as an initial treatment provider