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Idaho State University

Advice For Math Majors

  1. See your Math Department faculty advisor every semester for advice about classes and degree requirements. Students should bring a completed MAP Template to the meetings with their advisor. The default advisor for Mathematics is Professor Tracy Payne, and the default advisor for Applied Mathematics is Professor Xiaoxia 'Jessica' Xie. However, you may chose any faculty member who agrees to be your advisor.  

  2. Get started on the Calculus sequence immediately. Refer to the prerequisites chart to be sure you have first met the prerequisites for Calculus I (unless you have tested into Calculus I through one of the accepted placement exams).

  3. Get through the common Math/Stats core courses efficiently and early to avoid delay in graduation.

  4. Taking Math 2287 before Math 3326 is strongly encouraged.

  5. Taking Math 4406 before Math 4407 is recommended.

  6. Take at most three math classes per semester.

  7. Take one senior-level sequence before your senior year.

  8. If you are interested in applied math, recommended courses are Math 3362, 4421-2, 4441-2, 4450-1 and 4465. It is also recommended that you take some Biology (Biol 1101 + 1101L meet Goal 4) and Physics courses (Phys 2211-2 + 1113-4 meets Goal 5).

  9. If you are interested in applying to graduate school in mathematics, Math 3362, 4423-4, and 4407-8 are recommended.

  10. If you want to get a job in the industry, take 4400-level statistics and English 3307 (Professional and Technical Writing).

                                         Sample Course of Study (This is only a sample; variations are possible.)
  Freshman Year  
 Sophomore Year
       Junior Year
      Senior Year
Fall Term
Math 1170

Math 2275

Math 2287

Math 4423 or 4407

Math 3352 or 3362 

Math 4407 or 4423

Math 4441 or 4450

Spring Term

Math 1175

Math 2240

Engr 1165-6

Math 3326

Math 3360

Math 4424 or 4408

Math 4408 or 4424

Math 4442 or 4451

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