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Italy and Greece trip (date range: May 7-19, 2019).*This is a 10-day trip, exact departure and return dates will not be determined until early semester but will fall within the published trip date range.


Day 1: Fly to Italy

Meet your group and travel on an overnight flight to Florence.


Day 2: Florence

Arrive in Florence: Welcome to Florence. Depending on your arrival time, you
may have free time to settle in and explore the city on your own.

Dinner: Enjoy dinner with your group in Florence.


Day 3: Florence

Sightseeing tour in Florence: Explore the art and architecture of Tuscany’s
capital city. See the classical statues at the Piazza della Signoria and walk
across the iconic Ponte Vecchio, a medieval bridge where many of Florence’s
famed leather and gold artisans still keep shop. Gaze up at the domed Santa
Maria del Fiore Cathedral, or the Duomo, which dominates the terracotta-tiled
skyline. Opposite the Duomo, look for the bronzed doors of Ghiberti’s Gates of
Paradise at the Baptistery.

Free time in Florence: Wander through city at your own pace.


Day 4: Florence | Rome

Travel to Rome: Head to Italy’s historic capital.

Sightseeing tour of Rome: Walk through the Colosseum, the world’s most
famous arena. Here, you can almost hear the stamping feet of the crowds
gathered for gladiatorial combat. Nearby, the ruins of the Roman Forum mark
the former heart of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar gave many of his political
speeches on this very site.

Dinner: This evening, get to know your group over a pizza dinner.


Day 5: Rome

Sightseeing tour of Vatican City: On your sightseeing tour, look for the
papal protectors who flank the entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica: they’re the
highly trained soldiers of the Vatican’s Pontifical Swiss Guard. Inside, pass
under gilded archways before visiting the St. Peter’s tomb. Then, experience
Michelangelo’s breathtaking frescoes at the Sistine Chapel.

Rome on foot: On your self-guided walking tour, view the Pantheon, built to
honor all the gods of Rome. Continue to the grand Piazza Navona and the
Spanish Steps, Europe’s widest staircase. Before you say “arrivederci,” toss
a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure a return trip to the Eternal City.


Day 6: Rome

Rome: Explore the city at your own pace.

+ Pompei: Join an excursion to Pompeii to see how the wealthiest ancient
Romans lived. Here you can explore the fully excavated ruins of Pompeii’s
ancient temples, forum, and theater. Of the town’s three bathhouses, the
Stabian Baths was the largest. Learn about their ingenious heating method—
one of the earliest examples of its kind—that brought hot water to visitors.


Day 7: Rome | Athens | Delphi region

Fly to Athens: Depart Italy for Greece.

Travel to Delphi: Head to the Delphi region, site of the famed Oracle, which
stands as one of the most important landmarks of antiquity.

Dinner: Enjoy dinner with your group at the hotel.


Day 8: Delphi region | Athens

Sight seeing tour of Delphi: Visit the archaeological site and museum dedicated
to the Oracle of Delphi. The philosopher Socrates claimed to consult with the
Oracle and ancient military leaders were known to leave offerings here in the
hopes of earning luck in battle. You’ll also climb the ruins of the Temple of
Apollo. According to legend, this is where the gods chose to communicate with
mortals. See a variety of artifacts dating back to 550 B.C. at the Delphi Museum,
and learn more about the mythical past of Greece.

Travel to Athens: Make your way to the capital city of Greece.

Dinner: When you arrive in Athens, share a special Greek dinner before turning
in for the night.


Day 9: Athens

Sightseeing tour of Athens: Your local guide will lead you up to the Acropolisto view the Parthenon, perhaps the world’s greatest architectural feat and anenduring symbol of Athenian democracy. Visit the Temple of Athena Nike,which once housed a gold statue of the goddess, her wings clipped to preventher from deserting the city. See where the first Olympic athletes displayedphysical strength as a way to honor and entertain the gods of Mount Olympusat the Olympic Stadium.

Explore Athens: Discover the ancient city named for Athena, goddess of warand wisdom. A walking tour of Athens will take you through the Plaka districtand the Temple of Olympian Zeus, built in 515 B.C. to honor the most powerfulof all Greek gods.

+ Cape Sounion: Take a sunset excursion to Cape Sounion and view one of themost imposing sights in the ancient world. High above the sparkling Aegean sitsthe Temple of Poseidon, one of Greece’s most evocative ruins. From this loftycliffside location, you can see five Aegean islands on a clear day. Cap off thisexcursion with dinner with your group. Students who do not join the optionalexcursion will enjoy free time in Athens.


Day 10: Depart for home

Today, travel to the airport where you'll check in for your flight home.



 Italy & Greece Itinerary


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