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Accessibility Resources


The Instructional Technology Resource Center (ITRC) Accessibility Resources have been created for the use of all ISU faculty members (and beyond) who wish to make their course content, documents, and materials accessible. Throughout this site you will find links to easy-to-use guides, short video tutorials, news, and events concerning accessibility in education.

At ISU, we serve a diverse audience that relies increasingly on the Internet for many aspects of life. In today’s society, it is essential that we provide equal access and opportunity to all our users, including those with disabilities. Integrating accessible materials into online courses can diminish and even remove barriers to information and interaction critical to success for our faculty, students and the general public.

For more information regarding Idaho State University's disabilities services and resources, contact the Disability Services Department located in the Rendezvous Complex Room 125 or call (208)-282-3599.

Tools and Resources

Articles and Latest News on Accessibility in Education