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See all parking regulations for all campuses


Parking Office hours:

Please call 282-7811 to verify hours of operation


Times of Enforcement in Idaho Falls only

Traffic regulations are in effect during the entire year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including summer term.

Parking permits are required 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. except on Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays when classes are not in session.

Ticketing will be suspended during the week prior to the Fall and Spring semesters, and during the first week of classes for the Fall and Spring semesters. Ticketing will commence on Monday of the second week of classes.


Permit Requirements

Every motor vehicle, boat or trailer which is parked on campus is required to display an appropriate permit. Failure to display a permit will constitute a violation of the parking regulations and result in receiving a citation.

All past fines must be paid in full before a new permit will be issued. Hardship exceptions may be given at the discretion of the Public Safety Management Assistant or his/her designee.

A permit does not guarantee a personal parking space.

No permit may be reproduced or copied for use in a person's vehicle (to include campers, trailers and boats). Any reproduced or copied permit used in this manner shall be considered an altered/forged permit and will be subject to the current fine amount for said violation.

Permits are transferable for a $10.00 transfer fee.

Individuals who receive citations because their hangtag was not displayed, even though the vehicle is registered to it, may pay or appeal their citation. Each hangtag owner may be allowed one warning per semester for failure to correctly display their hangtag.


Permit Prices

Permit TypeStudentFaculty/Staff
  Year Semester Year Semester
General Lot $100 $70 $150 $100
Disabled $100 $70 $150 $100


Month               $30.00
Summer            $25.00
Day Pass          $ 4.00
Motorcycle         $30.00
Replacement      $10.00
Transfer Permit  $10.00         

Individuals wishing to have a permit for every vehicle they drive will need to purchase an additional permit(s) at full price.


Parking Permits for Attendees of Non-Credit Classes and Clinics

Individuals who are on campus to attend non-credit classes and clinics are required to purchase a permit. This would include, but is not limited to, summer events and off campus groups that use the computer labs for training and testing. Depending on the length of the class either a day permit, monthly permit or a summer permit will be required, if they do not need the permit for an entire semester.

Permits for Friends of Learning (on Idaho Falls campus) will be required at a cost of $5.00 per permit.


General Parking Information

Parking in more than one space is prohibited (exceptions may be granted by the Parking Office for busses and specialized vehicles).

The fact that another vehicle is parked in violation of any regulation and does not receive a citation does not authorize such parking nor does it mean the regulation is no longer in effect.

No person shall park a vehicle upon any roadway or parking lot for the sole purpose of displaying such vehicle for sale.

Affiliate and adjunct faculty members are required to purchase a permit.



Motor vehicles may be immediately towed from any campus area if allowed to stand in violation of local, state, or university regulations, or left in any position which constitutes a hazard; i.e., blocking a fire lane or fire hydrant, blocking or obstructing traffic flow, in a driveway, loading zone, service road, or otherwise tending to cause injury or danger to the public.


Revocation of Parking Privileges

Parking on ISU and University Place property is a privilege, which is revocable for cause.

Causes for revocation may include but are not limited to non-payment of fines, unauthorized use of parking permits, acts of vandalism to parking control facilities or equipment, abuse of the parking control staff, or being a habitual offender (a habitual offender is defined as a person who continues to violate these regulations).


Traffic Regulations

All city and state traffic rules, regulations and laws apply to university property.

Campus officers are authorized to stop vehicles on campus for moving violations such as running a stop sign or speeding. All moving traffic violations on campus property are subject to a $30.00 fine.

No vehicle may be driven on campus at a speed of more than 15 miles per hour or as posted.

Sidewalks on campus are limited to pedestrian traffic.

Skateboarding, roller-skating and rollerblading are prohibited within 20 feet of any building where glass windows are less than three feet above the level of the ground.

Bicycles should travel at a reasonable rate of speed on all university sidewalks.

Any person who deposits, throws, discards, or otherwise disposes of any litter on campus property may be cited for littering.

Persons who receive a citation for parking or driving on the grass will also be charged for the cost of repairing any damage to university property.

Persons parked in violation of more than one regulation may be cited for each offense. Violation of timed spaces or meters may be cited for each time violation (i.e., each hour, 2 hours, 30 minutes or as appropriate).

The fine(s) for violating the parking and traffic regulations must be paid or a written appeal filed with the Campus Parking Office within ten (10) working days after the violation. The Parking Office will no longer waive tickets. No specific form is needed; however, an appeals form is available at the Campus Parking Office.

Students with unpaid fines will not be permitted to add or drop classes, re-enroll, obtain transcripts, transfer records, or obtain financial aid until all fines are paid in full. Faculty and staff will not be issued parking permits until all fines are paid in full. Accounts may also be turned over to a collection agency.

Fines are payable at University Place in the Parking Office located in the Bennion Student Union building, second floor, during normal business hours.



Visitor passes are available to purchase at $4 per day at the Parking Office at University Place located in the Bennion Student Union building, second floor, during normal business hours.

One hour free visitor parking is located in front of the Bennion Student Union building and the Tingey Administration building. If a visitor needs to be on campus longer than one hour, meters are available and located in front of each building ($1 per hour – maximum of 4 hours). The visitor parking is not for faculty, staff, or any admitted student.