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Idaho State University

Bio Mechanics Laboratory

Welcome to the Applied Biomechanics laboratory at Idaho State University. We are located at
the Reed Gym room 129. The Applied Biomechanics laboratory is an interdisciplinary research
and teaching facility with a mission of using novel technologies to study biomechanics of human

Our Mission

1) Understand the mechanism of musculoskeletal injuries
2) Support the development of injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies
3) Educate and train students in the performance of high-quality research methods and

What to Expect

In the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory at Idaho State University, students gain hands-on
experience through classes (PE 3302: Biomechanics and PE 4482: Mechanical Analysis of
Human Movement) or internships. In the classes, students learn how to examine and analyze a
variety of human movements. These classes offer hands-on experience for students allowing
them to apply the knowledge they’ve gained to real-world situations. The students in PE 4482
get the chance to create and present projects during HPSS Research Day. Through internships,
students gain a variety of research experiences: experimental protocol design, participant
recruitment and screening, data collection, and data analysis.

To assess human movement, we use

  • Delsys Trigngo EMG system for understanding muscular activity
  • Bertec Force Platform for balance and jumping analysis
  • 2D motion analysis for understanding the factors and predictors of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Matlab and SPSS for data analysis

Research Opportunities

We offer research opportunities to students who are interested in learning more about
biomechanical research and its application. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Sung at

Bio Mechanics Laboratory Director

Dr. JongHun Sung

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., ATC

Office: Reed Gym 201 B

(208) 282-4563

Career Path Interns

Allie Ward