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Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet

Students who request letters of recommendation for collection in the Pre-Health Professions Advising office for uploading to a centralized application will use the Letter of Recommendation Cover Sheet for each letter requested (from physicians, dentists, medical professionals, professors, supervisors, et cetera).  This provides instructions for the letter writers and gives permission to the pre-health advisor to upload the letters on behalf of students.


How do I get a letter of recommendation cover sheet?

  • Go to room 202 of the Life Science Building (the biology building) and get one from the top tray of Burke Knapp's desk.
  • Email and request an electronic copy.

Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC)

For students who will be applying to medical (MD or DO) or dental school in 2018 for admission in fall 2019.

What is the Health Professions Advisory Committee(HPAC)?

     The committee is comprised of at least three members, usually one faculty member from the sciences/health science and one faculty member from the humanities/social sciences and the pre-health professions advisor.  Students submit materials that the committee reviews in preparation for the mock interview.

What is the mock interview?

     The HPAC will interview students for about 45 minutes asking questions about their plans for medical/dental school application. Students will receive feedback about how well prepared they are to apply as well as suggestions for improvement.

What happens after the interview?

     After the interview, students schedule an appointment with the pre-health professions advisor (Jacque Baergen) who will share the feedback.  Schedule the appointment at:

What is a committee letter and how do I get one?

     A committee letter is a letter of recommendation/evaluation written using the information from the mock committee interview.  Many medical/dental schools recommend having a committee letter as one of your letters of recommendation/evaluation if your school has a committee that will provide one.

How do I sign up to participate in the HPAC process?

     Send an email asking to Jacque Baergen, Pre-health professions advisor (  All materials will be distributed through a Moodle course that you will be enrolled in.









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