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Dr. Alex Bolinger

Associate Professor of Managment, College of Business

MGT 3312 - Individual and Organizational Behavior


Dr. Bolinger has been with the College of Business for seven years teaching courses in organizational behavior, negotiation and strategic management in the management program. Throughout his time at ISU, Bolinger has shown significant interest in providing a hands-on and engaging learning environment for his students.


picture of Dawn Brooks

Dawn Brooks

Instructor, University Honors Program

Coordinator, First Year Student Success

HONS 2220 - Information Research Techniques


M.A. Communication and Rhetorical Studies, Idaho State University


Dr. Tyler Burch

Associate Professor of Management, College of Business

MGT 4441- Leading Organizations


Dr. Burch's specialities include: Organizational Behavior, Leadership Development, Employee Turnover, Work Family Conflict, Individual Differences and their Impact on the Workplace

Tera Cole

Associate Lecturer, English

HONS 1102 - Honors Humanities II


MA, English (2010), Idaho State University

BA, American Literature (1994), University of California, Santa Cruz

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to do two things: be a teacher and a writer. When I started my college career at Humboldt State University, I had no doubt that I would study English. After finishing my generals, I transferred to the University of California at Santa Cruz to obtain a B.A. degree in American literature and culture. Eventually, I received my M.A. degree in English from Idaho State University where I was also trained to teach composition courses. My dream of becoming a teacher was finally realized.

I love helping students in English 1101 and 1102 become critical readers, thinkers and writers. I take pride in helping students in Technical Writing and Business Communications learn how to write in ways which are applicable to their chosen fields. I also enjoy bringing my cultural interests into course such as, Human Rights in Literature and American Cultural Studies.

Along with teaching, I also pursue my love of writing short fiction. A couple of my short stories have been published, and I am hoping to have many more as time goes by.


Dr. John Fitzpatrick

Associate Professor and Department Chair, Sports Science and Physical Education

PE 3322 - Intro to Sport Psychology


Michigan State University – Ph.D. in Physical Education and Exercise Science, August, 1998. Emphasis in Sport and Exercise Psychology and sub-disciplines in Motor Development and Research Methods and Design. California State University, Northridge

Masters of Arts degree in Kinesiology, June 1991. Emphasis in Sport Psychology. University of California, Santa Barbara–Bachelor of Arts in Experimental Psychology and a Minor in Coaching, June 1981.

Certified Instructor in Program for Athletic Coaches’ Education.


Dr. Erika Fulton

Assistant Professor, Psychology

PSYC 1101 - Intro to General Psychology


B.A. (1998) Haverford College
M.A. (2010) California State University, Long Beach
Ph.D. (2015) Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests
I have broad research interests in metacognition (thinking about one's cognition), including metamemory and metacomprehension, and cognitive aging. I work to identify the cues on which metacognitive judgments are based, evaluate the reliability of these cues, and understand individual differences (including aging) in metacognitive judgment accuracy.

Dr. Zac Gershberg

Assistant Professor, Communication, Media, and Persuasion

CMP 4418 - Feature Writing


BS, Cinema, Sports Communication, Ithaca College;

MA, Communication, Hawaii Pacific University;

PhD, Communication Studies, Louisiana State University.

Awards & Honors: 2016 Reynolds Business Journalism Fellow, Arizona State University

Arts and Letters Representative - Honors Advisory Committee

The range of courses I teach reflects my enthusiasm for practicing and thinking about all the ways media necessarily intersect with our lives -- economically, technologically, and politically. From newspapers and magazines to blogs and the Twitter-sphere, as well as movies and television, we shouldn't just be consumers. We are, first and foremost, citizens of a democracy who must critically process and effectively negotiate the contemporary frenzy of communication all around us. That can be challenging. But for students in my courses -- and multiplatform journalism majors, in particular (who often go on to work across the media landscape spanning news, entertainment, sports, and politics) -- that means nurturing a creative, polished professionalism armed with expert knowledge and an ethic of responsibility.

Research-wise, I examine the history of media, the ethics of journalism, and political communication. Currently, I'm working a book project with Sean Illing, a reporter for, entitled "The Paradox of Democracy: How open media distinguish and disrupt free societies."

I have experience working as a journalist in Hawaii covering news, sports, and travel, and I spent some time in script development in Hollywood. I serve as a host for our NPR affiliate, KISU-FM, and its monthly program, Know Your Media, and conduct scholarly interview chats as the Web and Publications editor for The Gatekeeper, the website and newsletter for the [National Communication Association's Mass Comm] (link to division. I also created, and work as, the department liaison for our exchange program with Karlstad University, in Sweden, where students can attend with a scholarship.

My own personal interests include frequenting food trucks, traveling overseas, hiking around Poky, playing pick-up basketball, reading espionage fiction, watching (what's left of) the golden-age of television, and cheering on my hometown Buffalo Bills. You can follow me on Twitter at @DrGersh.

picture Steven Hall

Dr. Steven Hall

Instructor, Student Success Center

HONS 1102 - Honors Humanities II


Ph.D. English, Idaho State University

picture Robert Holman

Dr. Robert Holman

Professor of Chemistry

CHEM 3302-H - Organic Chemistry II Honors


Ph.D. Chemistry

Dr. Holman has dozens of peer-reviewed journal and book publications. 

Robert Howe

Adjunct Professor, College of Business

INFO 1181 - Informatics and Programming I

picture of John Kalivas

Dr. John Kalivas

Professor of Chemistry

CHEM 1112-H - General Chemistry II Honors


Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Washington

Research interests: Analytical Chemistry, Chemometrics, Chemical Education


picture of Shannon Kobs Nawotniak

Dr. Shannon Kobs Nawotniak

Associate Professor of Geosciences

Honors Program Director

HONS 3393 - Introduction to Honors Thesis

HONS 4493 - Honors Thesis Seminar


Ph.D. Geosciences, State University of New York at Buffalo

Research interests:  physical volcanology, computational fluid dynamics, high performance computing

Dr. Kobs Nawotniak investigates the connection between process and produce in volcanic eruptions, ranging in scale from the origins and underpinnings of monogenetic volcanic fields through eddy-scale mixing in eruption columns. She is currently Geology Co-Lead on the NASA FINESSE project and Deputy PI on the NASA BASALT project, both of which use terrestrial lavas to investigate planetary volcanoes.

Dr. Robert Lion

Assistant Professor, Organizational Learning and Performance

HONS 3391 - Honors Seminar:  Carrots and Sticks



Tony Lovgren

Associate Chief Information Officer Instructor, College of Business

INFO 1101 - Digital Information Literacy

Dr. Todd Morris

Assistant Teaching Professor

CHEM 1112L-H - General Chemistry II Lab Honors

Picture of Lewis Thomas

Lewis Thomas

Instructor, Department of Anthropology

ANTH 2237-H - People and Cultures of the World


M.A., ABD (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Thomas has carried out extensive research in Burma (Myanmar) since 1996. Doctoral research was funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation and the University of Illinois, and focused on the development of tourism in Burma (Myanmar) and related processes of social change. Other research interests include globalization, post-colonial theory, and the anthropology of Mormonism.

Dr. Mark McBeth

Professor of Political Science

POLS 1101 - Intro to US Government


D.A. Idaho State University, 1992

Dr. Mark K. McBeth has been on faculty in the Department of Political Science since January, 1995. His research focuses on public policy and environmental policy.

An edited book on the Narrative Policy Framework (NPF), The Science of Stories: Applications of the Narrative Policy Framework in Public Policy Analysis (co-edited with Michael D. Jones and Elizabeth A. Shanahan) was published in December, 2014 (Palgrave) and the NPF appeared as a chapter in the third edition of Sabatier and Weible's Theories of the Policy Process also in 2014. His most recent co-authored NPF research has appeared in Review of Policy Research, Policy Sciences, Policy & Internet, Environmental Politics, Journal of Borderland Studies, and Policy Studies Journal. His most recent NPF work is in collaboration with Dr. Donna Lybecker and has found the NPF applied to the study of river restoration, the new media, and international borders.

In his post-doctoral career, Mark has been a principal investigator or co-principal investigator on twenty-three grants and contracts. Mark is also a co-author (with Randy S. Clemons) of Public Policy Praxis: A Case Approach for Understanding Policy and Analysis (3rd edition, Routledge, 2017), a book that has been on the textbook market since July, 2000 and is now in its third edition.

In 2011 and 2015, he was recognized as an "Outstanding Researcher" at Idaho State University. In 2005, he was named "Distinguished Teacher" at ISU. He was named a “Master Teacher” in 2001.

Dr. Tina Miyake

Visiting Assistant Professor, Psychology

PSYC 2225 - Child Development


B.S. (1999) Idaho State University
M.S. (2001) Idaho State University
Ph.D. (2007) University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Interests
Working memory and strategies, counterfactual thinking, and interference.

Dr. Gregory Murphy

Professor of Marketing and Management

MGT 4462 - Issues in Business and Society


Ph.D. University of Houston
MB University of Houston
MS University of Central Texas
BA Weber State University

Dr. Sarah Partlow Lefevre

Professor, Communication, Media, and Persuasion

COMM 1101 - Principles of Speech


Director, James M. and Sharon E. Rupp Debate Society


BA, English, University of Utah;

MA, Communication Studies, University of Kansas;

PhD, Communication Studies, University of Kansas.

Sarah Partlow Lefevre, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion and has been the Director of Debate at Idaho State University since 2001. Dr. Partlow Lefevre began her involvement in debate in 1991 at the University of Utah where she completed her undergraduate degree. She then pursued both her M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication Studies at the University of Kansas where she was an Assistant Debate Coach. Coaching highlights from her time at ISU include: two 3rd place finishes in Public Forum Debate at Pi Kappa Delta Nationals, First Place in British Parliamentary Debate at Pi Kappa Delta Nationals, multiple First Round At Large Bids to the National Debate Tournament, 3rd Place at Cross Examination Debate Association Nationals, Second Speaker at both the NDT and CEDA national tournaments among hundreds of other awards and acclamations. She was a member of the NDT Committee for several years and served as President of the Cross Examination Debate Association. Dr. Partlow Lefevre is currently the Director of the National Debate Tournament and serves on the Board of the Women’s Debate Institute.

Qingqin Qu

Associate Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

MATH 1153 - Intro to Statistics



Dr. Ramon Rodriguez

Associate Professor, Accounting

ACCT 3303 - Accounting Concepts


Dr. Rodriguez has taught taxation for individuals, corporate taxation, sales & local taxation, tax research, auditing, international accounting, financial accounting, and managerial accounting to Bachelors and Masters students at six public universities. His research interests are in the areas of international accounting, taxation, and accounting education. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Rodriguez was an accountant for ten years at Valero Energy Corporation, Brehm, Havel & Company CPAs, and Fernie R. Aceves CPA.

Dr. Alexander Rose

Assistant Professor, Marketing

MKTG 2225 - Basic Marketing Management


Ph.D. University of Arkansas
MA University of South Carolina
BA University of South Carolina

Dr. Rose’s research interests revolve around social forces in the marketplace, with an emphasis on market structure, automation and market evolution, and the dark side of consumption. Rose has taught courses across the marketing discipline from Principles to Branding and Consumer Behavior. In each of his courses, Rose’s pedagogical strategy is focused on counter-intuitive insights, challenging conventional wisdom, and foregoing traditional classroom structures.

Dr. Victoria Scharp

Assistant Professor, Speech Language Pathology

CSD 2210 - Communication Through Literature and Media


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2016, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Master of Arts (M.A.) in Speech-Language Pathology, 2002, Miami University, Oxford, OH
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 2000, Miami University, Oxford, OH.

Academic interests: Cognitive and psycholinguistic bases of neurological communicative disorders, semantic and discourse comprehension, nature and treatment of right hemisphere communication processes and disorders, and acquired neurogenic language disorders in adults

Hobbies: hiking, playing tennis, reading, snowshoeing, and traveling

Dr. Jeff Street

Associate Professor, Management

HONS 3391 - Honors Seminar: Orange You Creative


Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Management

Di Wu

Department of Geosciences

GEOL 4403 - Principles of GIS