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Contract Course Information

Honors Contract Courses

Contract courses are departmental courses offered under an "Honors Contract" between the student and instructor. Contracts require that the student and instructor agree to a set of requirements for the course.

  • Contracts are initiated by the student.
  • Contracts must be approved by the Honors Program Director.
  • Contracts must be submitted to the UHP within the first three weeks of the semester.
  • Lower-division contracts must be general education objectives not offered through the UHP.
  • Online courses are NOT eligible to be contracted.
  • Summer courses are NOT eligible to be contracted.
  • PEAC courses are NOT eligible to be contracted.
  • Contracted courses must be taught by faculty.  Therefore, courses taught by teaching or graduate assistants are NOT eligible for contract.
  • Courses already designated as Honors courses are NOT eligible to contract.  Even if the course is not being taught every semester.

Click here for A Quick Guide to Honors Contracting.


Steps to completing an Honors Contract.

Step 1.  Introduce yourself as a University Honors Program student to the instructor of the course you would like to contract and inquire as to whether they would be willing to contract the course with you.

Step 2.  Arrange a meeting time with the instructor to determine the terms of the course contract.  In order to be prepared for what the meeting should generate, proceed to step 3.

Step 3.  Download and complete the following Course Contract Checklist BEFORE completing and submitting the online Honors Contract Course form. 

**IMPORTANT: you will need several pieces of information detailed in the Process Checklist in order to complete the Honors Contract Course form.  Please be sure to follow the Process Checklist carefully.

Step 4.  To complete the Honors Contract Course Form please click here to access and submit the on-line form: HONORS CONTRACT COURSE FORM.


Examples of Past Contracted Courses

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Contract Example - Nutrition

Contract Example - Physical Geology

Contract Example - Spanish

Contract Example - Sport Psychology


List of Past Contract Courses

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