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Idaho State University

Idaho in the Great War

Students in a HIST 2291: The Historian’s Craft contributed to a semester-long collaborative research project on Idaho in the First World War. This project addressed Idaho’s role in the war, local perceptions of the global conflict, and Pocatellans’ everyday experiences during this transformative event. Students engaged with a variety of primary and secondary sources, taking advantage of the Oboler Library special collections as well as a variety of digitized documents. Links below direct you to individual student contributions.


Micah Williams, “What did Idaho think about the Great War?”


Creighton Davis, “Reading Idaho Sentiment during the Great War”


Jennifer Pearce, “Patriotism in the Press: Media in Idaho during the Great War”


Jacqueline Ellis, “The Great War in Local & National News”


Isaac Dayley, “Idaho Technical Institute during the Great War”


Amberlee Salisbury, “Demobilized Soldiers in Idaho”


Michelle Hancock, “Idaho’s Cultivation, Cuisine, and Contribution to the Great War”


Kelsey Baguley, “Demographics & Occupations in Pocatello, Idaho, after the Great War”