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Major in Health Informatics

Health informatics integrates applied computer science and healthcare administration into a single field in order to develop strategic uses of information technology to address the challenges that healthcare organizations face, and to revolutionize healthcare practice and research.

The Health Informatics degree helps bridge the long-standing gap between the medical and administrative knowledge possessed by healthcare personnel and the information technology knowledge possessed by technologists.

Health Informatics Snapshot

The Health Informatics major is designed to enable graduates to enter careers in information systems usage in healthcare organizations. 

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See what it takes to earn a degree in health informatics with course descriptions and example programs of study.

Our Faculty

Our professors are highly accessible and enjoy working closely with individual students to help them develop their skills and knowledge.

Alumni & Careers

Your Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Health Informatics will enable you to immediately take your place as a valued professional in a health care organization of any size.