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Idaho State University

Minor in Global Studies

General Requirements

  1. Eight (8) credits in a foreign language or the equivalent demonstrated competency.
  2. ECON 2201 (3 credits).

Minor Requirements

In addition to the General Requirements, students wishing to minor in International Studies must complete twenty-three (23) credits as detailed under Required Courses and Electives below.

Required Courses:

POLS 2221, Introduction to International Relations (3 credits)
GLBL 2200, Simulation (1 credit)
GLBL 4400, Simulation (1 credit)


Eighteen (18) credits selected from any of the courses listed in the categories ([1] Required Courses, [2] Areas of Concentration, and [3] Electives) under Major Requirements.

*For more information please visit the Global Studies and Language section of the Course Catalog.*