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Undergraduate Minor in Geotechnology

Various GIS pictures; drone, gps, flying agricultural field.

Admission & Completion of Program

The Undergraduate Minor in Geotechnologies is intended for those who are majoring in any undergraduate university degree program at ISU. The minor provides training in the core geotechnologies: GIS, remote sensing, and GPS, plus electives in computational geography, information technology, cartography, and other related areas.

To receive a minor in Geotechnology, you must be in good standing and enrolled in an academic undergraduate program at ISU.  Enroll in "Principles of GIS (GEOL 4403/5503)" as soon as possible and meet with an advisor to plan your Program of Study.

The undergraduate minor in Geotechnologies requires the core courses plus 5 elective courses (as described below), to equal a total of 19 credits. Nine (9) credits may be shared between the geotechnologies minor and your major degree program.

In your final semester submit your Program of Study with the Department of Geosciences.  The minor is awarded at the same time your undergraduate major degree.  Apply for graduation at least one semester prior to anticipated graduation date.

Minor in Geotechnology

 Core Courses:

GEOL 4403
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
and Principles of GIS Laboratory
GEOL 4404 Advanced Geographic Information Systems 3
GEOL 4407 GPS Applications in Research 3
GEOL 4408 GeoTechnology Seminar 1-2
    or BIOL 4418 Ecological Topics
GEOL 4409 Remote Sensing 3
Total Credits 13-14

 Electives (at least 5 credits):

ANTH 4482 Independent Problems in Anthropology 1-3
BIOL 4482 Independent Problems 1-4
GEOL 2210 Earth in Space and Time 3
GEOL 4427 Information Technology for GIS 3
GEOL 4428 Programming for GIS 3
GEOL 4480 Special Topics in GIS 1-3
GEOL 4481 GeoTechnology Internship 1-3
GEOL 4482 Independent Problems and Studies in Geology 1-3