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Funding Opportunities

Teaching Assistantships

The Geotechnologies program at ISU typically funds one or two teaching assistantships each year.  They will support classes at the Pocatello campus and work with faculty and other TA's to ensure a consistent delivery of laboratory and educational material at all locations. Typically, these TA positions are filled by second year graduate students who have already completed all of the core geotechnologies courses (Advanced GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS, and Geotechnology Seminar). If you would like to be considered for one of these positions, please notify the Department of Geosciences no later than February 15 of your 1st year. Strong candidates who have taken geotechnologies courses during their undergraduate studies may be considered for a TA position sooner.

Research Assistantships

Most thesis students in the MS GISci program are funded through research assistantships that cover tuition and/or a monthly stipend. Research assistantships are tightly linked with individual research grants and projects lead by various faculty members in the program. Please take the time to learn about the research projects and activities of the faculty and approach faculty members individually regarding potential research assistantship opportunities. Students are typically more competitive for these types of assistantships in their second year or after demonstrating capabilities and skills that are pertinent to the needs of the specific research grants.