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First Year Transition Courses

ACAD 1103 - College Learning Strategies for Math, 1 cr.

This 8-week course can help you approach your math requirements with greater confidence and skill. This course looks for new ways to refresh your math learning. In it, you will study many topics which can renew and enhance your approach to learning math and help you organize that approach.

In ACAD 1103 you will:

Replace your fear-based approach to math with confidence-based approach. Turn your MATH FEAR into MATH POWER!

MATH makes YOU powerful!

ACAD 1104 - Orientation to University, 2 cr.

First Year Success Course

What is ACAD 1104 - First Year Transition?

Let's start with what it's not. ACAD 1104 is not an "orientation" course. You will engage in some activities that do educate you about university life and the resources on this campus, but that is only a small part of this course. The primary focus is you and your ability to reach your academic and professional goals in the best possible time-frame.

Why should you take this course?

Because your entire life is about to change! Whether you're coming straight from high school or you've been out of a school a few years, everything about how you experience education will be dramatically different at the university level, and this course is designed specifically to help you make that transition successfully.

 What can you expect this course to cover?

Let's make a list! In this class, you'll learn

Need more motivation?

You'll join other first year students making the transition--a great way to build positive, supporting relationships, and you'll have weekly contact with your ISU Academic Coach--a faculty member devoted to student success and who is also your ACAD 1104 instructor. You can start your college career with an entire cheering squad on your side!


ACAD 1111 - University Inquiry, 2 cr.

Ever feel worried about having to write research papers?

Behind good research writing is information literacy. What is information literacy? Knowledge about the kind and quality of information available to you, how to locate and evaluate that information, and how to use that information in your papers.

ACAD 1111 is designed to help you develop that knowledge. As a bonus, this course also covers the fundamentals of university expectations for research writing, and knowing those expectations can set you free from anxiety about writing research papers or from bumbling your way into mistakes, such as plagiarism.

But this is not a writing class.

It is a class that teaches you how to ask (and answer) the questions that lead to good research writing: Where is the information? Is it valuable? How can I tell? What can I do with that information? How should I report that information in my assignments?

Nervous about writing research papers?
Start here, with ACAD 1111.


ACAD 2220 - Peer Instruction Seminar, 2 cr.

(Can be repeated for up to 4 credits)

Peer Instruction Seminar assists peer instructors who will plan the syllabus and collaborate with their faculty/staff teaching partners in co-instructing one section of First Year Transition or ACAD 1104. Students will explore their responsibilities as role models, student advisors/consultants, teachers, learners, and students. Peer Instructors take the lead role in the implementation of service-learning within their assigned ACAD 1104 section.

Peer instuctors, mentors 

Peer instructors work with lead instructors in First Year Transition. They help out new students, teaching them what they need to become more successful students.