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ISU serves a diverse population of students from across the state and around the world. See below for specific information and/or details on applying for admission.

Early College Program

  • you are currently attending High School and wish to take college level courses

Learn more about the Early College program


College of Technology

  • you wish to acquire a professional-technical education in a university setting

See Admission Requirements


Continuing Education

  • you wish to participate in courses available to the community

Learn more about Continuing Education



  • ISU's Veteran's Sanctuary allows vets to access all campus services, and many community services, through a single office

Veteran's Sanctuary
Veteran's Services

Have a question?

You can contact an Admissions Advisor
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Tech Prep Student

  • you are currently attending High School and wish to receive technical vocational training

Learn more about the Tech Prep program


Workforce Training

  • you wish to receive professional training for the field in which you are employed

Learn more about Workforce Training


START Program

  • you are working toward a GED or have already completed a GED and wish to further your education

Learn more about the START Program