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Literature Major

The Literature program focuses on British and American literature, the study of genre, literary themes and identity, historical periods in literature, major literary figures, and studies in language. Elective coursework may include professional or creative writing, folklore, film, or comparative literature.

Our professors are experts in their fields, and bring their passion into the classroom. Our small class-sizes allow for personal attention from award-winning teachers.

A student with this degree could go on to a career in education, writing, business, web development, or law. Our alumni include teachers, authors, counselors, attorneys, editors, and marketing directors.

Degree Requirements

In addition to completing the General Education and other university requirements, Literary majors complete 45 credits within English as listed below. For more detail, see the ISU Undergraduate Catalog.

These links take you to the general education section of the undergraduate catalog and then the English and Philosophy section of the ISU undergraduate catalog respectively.

Download the English – Literature Option Requirement Worksheet 

This opens up a word document to print that contains the information below in an “advising sheet” format.

These courses are required:

  • ENGL 2211 – Introduction to Literary Analysis (3)
  • ENGL 2280 – Grammar and Usage (3) OR ENGL 2281 – Introduction to Language Studies (3)
  • ENGL 3311 – Literary Criticism and Theory (3)
  • ENGL 4491 – Senior Seminar in Literature (3)

Select TWO of these survey courses: (6)

  • ENGL 2267 – Survey of British Literature I Beginnings through 18th Century
  • ENGL 2268 – Survey of British Literature II 19th Century to Present
  • ENGL 2277 – Survey of American Literature I Beginnings to 1860
  • ENGL 2278 – Survey of American Literature II 1860 to Present

Select ONE of these genre study courses: (3)

  • ENGL 3321 – Genre Studies in Drama
  • ENGL 3322 – Genre Studies in Poetry
  • ENGL 3323 – Genre Studies in Fiction
  • ENGL 3324 – Genre Studies in Non-Fiction
  • ENGL 3325 – Special Topics in Genre

Select TWO of these period courses: (6)

  • ENGL 4461 – Studies in Classical Literature
  • ENGL 4462 – Studies in Medieval Literature
  • ENGL 4463 – Studies in Renaissance Literature
  • ENGL 4464 – Studies in Seventeenth-Century Literature
  • ENGL 4465 – Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature
  • ENGL 4466 – Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature
  • ENGL 4467 – Studies in Late Nineteenth-Century Literature
  • ENGL 4468 – Studies in Early Twentieth-Century Literature
  • ENGL 4469 – Studies in Contemporary Literature

Select ONE of these major figure courses: (3)

  • ENGL 4472 – Proseminar in a Major Literary Figure
  • ENGL 4473 – Chaucer
  • ENGL 4474 – Milton
  • ENGL 4476 – Shakespeare

Select ONE of these themes and identity courses: (3)

  • ENGL 3328 – Gender in Literature
  • ENGL 3356 – Ethnicity in Literature
  • ENGL 4453 – American Indian Literature
  • ENGL 4470 – Post-Colonial Literature

Select ONE of these language studies courses: (3)

  • ENGL 4480 – Varieties of American English
  • ENGL 4481 – Studies in Grammar
  • ENGL 4484 – Rotating Topics in Linguistics
  • ENGL 4486 – Old English
  • ENGL 4487 – History of the English Language
  • ENGL 4488 – Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Electives: (9)

Select 9 additional credits from English course offerings (6 credits must be upper-division)

Contact us:

Thomas Klein

Director of English Undergraduate Studies


Amanda Christensen  

English & Philosophy Administrative Assistant




Literature Minor

The minor in English allows students to delve into the broad offerings of English courses, from literature, to language, to culture. The minor is structured loosely to allow students to explore their own interests. The minor goes well with virtually any other major, including history, psychology, math, and biology.

Our classes help you develop valuable skills, including reading critically, analyzing logically, and communicating effectively. Thus a minor in English Literature is an excellent choice for a career in teaching, writing, journalism, law, medicine, public relations, advertising, editing, and publishing.

The minor requires 21 credits in English, 12 of which must be in upper division courses, including either ENGL 3307 or ENGL 3311 (which has ENGL 2211 as a prerequisite).

Contact us:

Thomas Klein  

Director of English Undergraduate Studies


Amanda Christensen  

English & Philosophy Administrative Assistant




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