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Instructors, we appreciate you delivering your courses through Idaho State University!

To submit a request for a Professional Development (PD) Course, please fill out and submit this form: 

Important Information:

PD credit requirements call for sixteen (16) hours of formal instruction per PD credit, by a qualified content instructor with a graduate degree.

The Center Coordinator reviews PD documents for approval before course offerings, as do other ISU staff. The PD Coordinator is available to assist instructors with course design and to notify instructors of course status. Course Requests should be submitted 2 weeks prior to the course start date to ensure course availability.

Instructor FAQ

 If I want to offer a professional development course through Idaho State University, what steps do I need to take?

You will need to submit a request for a Professional Development Course using the link above. With each approval request, you will need to fill in as much supplemental information as possible regarding the course (i.e. itineraries, syllabi, course outlines, etc.) This must be done a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to course begin date. No course may be entered into the course catalog until final approval has been granted.

What qualifies a course as eligible for professional development credit?

Courses are expected to directly impact student outcomes by equipping and enhancing teacher skills and educational tools. It must meet the guidelines and requirements set forth by the university’s Academic Affairs department as well as the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) national program. Courses offered for credit requires a minimum sixteen (16) hours of classroom contact time to award one (1) credit.

What is the approval process?

All professional development courses will be reviewed to ensure that the proposed course meets academic criteria regarding content, contact hours, and instructor qualifications. It must be approved by the Coordinator for the Albion Center for Education Innovation; Dean for the College of Education; and Director for Continuing Education.

Once my course has been approved for professional development and scheduled, what do I need to do?

You will be notified via email your course has been approved and is open for registration. You will receive directions on how to access the course via the online registration system.

Do I need to submit a request for a Professional Development Course each time I offer a course that has been previously approved for professional development?

Yes. Each course is individually approved and the instructor’s CV/resume needs to be attached every time to ensure we have the current document on file.

How do I become an approved instructor for professional development through Idaho State University?

All professional development instructors must be approved by the Idaho State University College of Education and Graduate School. Instructors are expected to have an advanced graduate degree in their field and be able to document significant professional experience. You will need to attach a vita with the Continuing Education Approval Form.

How do I submit grades and mark attendance?

All grading and attendance will be completed online inside the course facilitator module. You will receive directions on how to complete these easy steps in an email once your course is open for registration. All registrants who have paid will be listed in the course and you will select the following options for each student: attended/not attended and a grade of satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Once these steps are completed, an evaluation will be sent out to the students. 

What is your grading policy?

All courses for professional development are either S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). Full attendance is mandatory for full credit. Students need to submit reflection papers, assignments, and/or any course requirements (if applicable) to the instructor to determine satisfactory completion for grading.