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Idaho Numeracy Project

Goal: To increase student achievement in mathematics by intentionally developing number sense through number knowledge and number strategy and, in turn, increase teacher understanding about instructional practices that target and develop number sense and place value. 



Numeracy Project Assessment Overview flowchart



Numeracy Project Master Binder- Assessment (Master Copy) 

GloSS Expectations Continuum
GloSS Recording Sheet
GloSS Interview 1
GloSS Interview 2
GloSS Interview 3
GloSS Interview 4
Counting Interview Recording Sheet
Number Recognition & Sequence Cards
IKAN Instructions
IKAN Expectations Continuum
IKAN Student Recording Sheet
IKAN Flash & mp4

 Scoring & Recording

Grade Level Grouping Sheets

Grade KGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6

Grade 7

Cumulative Record Card 

Student Results Recording Sheet

Student Profiles

Individual Numeracy Rubric

Planning Resources

 Additional Resources


Planning Wall

IRMC Planning Documents

Numeracy Project Tasks and Activities

Resource Finder


Activities List

Planning Sheets (1)

NZ Books

NZ Materials Masters



Knowledge Building Games

Activity Support Videos


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