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Idaho State University

Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

The Early College Program has partnered with Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) to offer General Education Objective courses through our College of Education.  These are also introductory courses for those who are interested in pursuing a degree in education.  In order to register for dual credit courses offered through IDLA, students must be admitted as an Early College Program student and register for the course with Idaho State University and IDLA.


Admissions Information

In order to be fully admitted to the Early College Program, students must submit an on-line application and a permission form.  Students only need to apply and submit a permission form the first time they take dual credit courses from ISU.


 How to Apply to the Early College Program

  1. Go to and select the  "Early College" Apply button


  2. Profile: First time users will click on Create an account and complete a student profile. Tip: Write down your log-in information! Returning users will Log into their student profile from this page. Students MUST complete an application after creating their profile! Everyone will click on “View or Submit Application” and “Start a New Early College Program Application for High School Students


  3. Application (all items marked with a red asterisk are required):

    Entry Term: Select the term that your dual enrollment course begins (NOT when you plan to enroll after high school). Choose “FALL” if your course starts at the beginning of the school year (including Trimester 2), choose “SPRING” if your course begins spring semester or Trimester 3.

    Student Type:Early College-Taking college courses while in high school

    Academic Program: Early College Academic or PTE Advanced Opportunities (PTE is for students taking Technical Dual Credit only, when in doubt use Early College)

    Personal Section: Note: if your mail is delivered to a P.O. Box, please enter this instead of a street address

    Academic Plans: Should already show Early College, click Save & Continue

    Demographics:  You will need your SSN (or LPN & Visa Type) if you correctly know them, Click Save & Continue

    Family:  Please select which best applies to you

    Education:  Please complete by selecting Country: United States, State/Providence: Idaho, and typing the city of your high school and click search.  Select your high school from the select organization drop down menu and click select and enter your graduation month and year. If you know your counselor's name please complete, but not required. 

    Certification & Signature You will select yes to the certification questions, select your security questions and sign your application. Your security questions are important to remember, as you will be asked these by the IT Service Desk if you call for your username and password  Click “Submit Application”


  4. Print, complete, and return Parent/Guardian Permission Form (Required) This is found on the Early College Program website under forms


At any point during this process you may choose to save the application at the bottom of the page and return at a later time to complete.  You can find the incomplete application in your profile by going to, click on the Early College button, Log In, and choose "View or Submit Applications."


Course Information

IDLA Summer 2020 Courses and Registration Information


EDUC 1110 - Education and Schooling in the U.S.  (3 Credits)

Survey of historical, sociological, and political issues related to public education and the system of schooling in the U.S. Partially satisfies Objective 6 of the General Education Requirements.


EDUC 2201 - Development and Individual Differences (3 Credits)

Examination of human development/individual difference as a basis for reflecting on learning. PREREQ: 26 credits completed, 2.75 GPA; "C" or higher in ENGL 1101.


EDUC 2204 - Families Community Culture (3 Credits)

Examination of interactions among school, family, community, and culture as a basis for reflecting on the social contexts of learning.  Satisfies Objective 9 of the General Education Objectives.


EDUC 2295 - Field Practicum (1 Credit)

Introduction to fieldwork in education. Fieldwork experiences may include individual and small group tutoring, presentations, involvement in Future Educators associations and service learning.  Emphasis on teaching strategies, learning styles, and methods of instruction.

For more information about education programs offered at Idaho State University please visit


HCA 1110 Intro to Allied Health Professions (3 Credits)

This course is an introduction to the health professions, and the U.S. health system in which these professions function. The course is designed for students interested in exploring and assessing the health professions for potential future careers. Students in HCA 1110 will be encouraged to assess their own personal motivations, qualities, and aptitude with regard to a range of career choices in the health professions. HCA 1110 will also provide important knowledge about the U.S. health system that will benefit students as health system stakeholders and future professionals.


HCA 2210 Medical Terminology and Communication (2 Credits)

This course is intended to be an introduction to the language of a medical vocabulary system. It includes structure, recognition, analysis, definition, spelling, pronunciation, and combination of medical terms and prefixes, suffixes, roots, and combining forms.


For assistance with the application and/or registration process please call the Early College Program office at 208-282-6067.