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MS Handbook

The following resources will help you plan your graduate study, as well as provide a framework for student expectations for the MS in Nutrition program and the University at large.


MS in Nutrition Student Handbook

Cover of the master of science in nutrition handbook, picture of RDN with senior gentleman at food back and picture of students presenting research at a medical meeting

  • Download the MS Nutrition Handbook
  • Read through it carefully
  • Discuss any questions/concerns with your faculty advisor

MS in Nutrition Program of Study

Image of Degree plan, schedule and program of study

  • Download the MS Nutrition Program of Study
  • Map out your proposed program of study, recognizing that it may change as you progress through the program
  • Thus, revisit your program of study at the end of each semester to make sure you are on track

Please also read the ISU Student Handbook

  • The ISU Student Handbook has lots of helpful information
  • Review the university-wide ISU student code of contact
  • Read about how to be a successful student at Idaho State
  • Familiarize yourself with ISU Policies and Procedures