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Graduation and Beyond

ISU graduate students in caps and gowns at commencement

You are almost at the finish line!  To graduate, there are lots of things to check off your to-do list.  Please go to the Graduate School web page and carefully review the information about getting ready for graduation, including:

  • Graduate Student Checklist
  • Graduate Student Dates and Deadlines

If you have concerns/questions, please touch base with your MS Faculty Advisor. 

Now What?

Kick back and enjoy life!  Take some time to celebrate your accomplishment and catch up with all of those folks you neglected, because you were doing homework.

Continue with your current position: Many students opt to get an MS in Nutrition to remain competitive. In 2024, a masters degree will be required to sit for the RDN exam. Thus, for RDNs who entered practice before this requirement, the MS in Nutrition keeps them competitive in the workplace. Some employers recognize advanced degree by providing salary increases. So, check in with your supervisor and the human resources department to see if they might bump up your salary because of your newly minted Masters of Science in Nutrition!

Or, find a job that leverages your degree: Some positions required Masters-prepared applicants. Keep your eye out for such positions by joining the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Facebook page.

Embrace your new research-focus: Evidence-based practice is the underlying practice of nutrition and dietetics. Put your new knowledge to work by ensuring your practice employs a sound evidence base. And, keep your research skills honed by presenting at conferences and publishing in peer-reviewed literature.

Consider pursuing a doctorate degree
: RDNs with doctorate degrees are currently a hot commodity. RDNs wanting to teach in higher education might enroll in the ISU Doctorate of Education. Or, those interested in research might consider the ISU Ph.D. in Biology program. has a list of doctorate programs across the country.