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Capstone / Thesis

The Capstone Project or Thesis is the culminating academic experience for the MS in Nutrition graduate program. The scope and presentation of the project/thesis must demonstrate the student’s skills in a variety of areas including, formal academic/technical writing, the research process, and the application of nutrition principles in the public health arena.

Students must complete a 3-6 credit hour capstone project or thesis to meet graduation requirements.  Although the goals of both a project and a thesis are similar, the processes, formats, and topics differ; the differences are described in the Capstone/Thesis Handbook for the Masters of Science in Nutrition. Students who elect to complete a thesis, must also follow the ISU guidelines detailed in the ISU Thesis and Dissertation Handbook.

MS Nutrition Capstone / Thesis Handbook

Cover of the student handbook providing details about the master of nutrition capstone project and optional thesis

  • Please download the MS Nutrition Capstone/Thesis Handbook
  • Follow this guidance in planning and implementing your project/thesis
  • Read through it carefully and discus any concerns/questions with your faculty advisor

If you are doing a thesis, also review...

Screengrab of cover of the ISU Thesis and Dissertation Manual

  • The  ISU Thesis and Dissertation Handbook
  • If you opted for MS in Nutrition thesis route, download this manual
  • Read through it carefully
  • Speak with your faculty advisor about any questions/concerns