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SCORE Program Info



Two male athletes participate in cooking class with sports dietitian

The goals of the SCORESM Program are to:

  • Empower ISU athletes to plan and cook healthful meals and snacks
  • Educate ISU athletes on the basics of a nutritious diet
  • Provide ISU athletes with resources for healthful meal planning, shopping and food prep

SCORE Components

Dietetic students and school mascot, Benny Bengal, at cooking demonstration

The SCORE program leverages four strategic components to help student-athletes optimize their performance, on and off the field:

  • Individualized nutrition counseling to help athletes be optimally-fueled, in order to enhance their athletic performance
  • Team talks on topics of interest to athletes
  • Grocery store tours to help athletes learn how to healthfully navigate the supermarket
  • Cooking classes and demos to teach athletes the skills needed to eat healthfully

SCORE Program Successes

Dietetic students providing food demo in the community

SCORE has been highly successful in making a difference in the health of ISU athletes. Examples of tangible successes include:

  • Fueling stations set up on campus to provide pre- and post-workout nutrition to athletes
  • Food donations obtained from locally owned Harper's Homemade BreadGeraldine's and 5th Street Bagelry help fuel our athletes
  • New protocols were written and an inter-professional health support team created to guide athletes struggling with eating disorders or relative energy deficiency in sport
  • Nutrition in injury prevention and recovery protocols created to keep athletes healthy, as well as guide them through injury recovery




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