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Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

Suicide Prevention Training:

Ask A Question, Save A Life

We know from research that early detection of mental health issues gives a much greater prognosis for recovery and that early intervention can sometimes be critical. ISU Counseling & Testing staff believe that early detection of mental health issues is an important component of their work and that no student who wants or needs help should be left to struggle alone. Therefore, Counseling & Testing staff will be offering "Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR)", a nationally-recognized suicide prevention program.

Much like CPR, QPR is designed for an easy learning process and can be applied by everyone, including people outside of mental health professions. QPR is a behavioral intervention that focuses on getting a distressed individual/student referred for professional help. It is intended to teach front-line people (e.g. resident advisors, academic advisors, friends, religious professionals, faculty/staff, parents etc.) how to recognize the warning signs of suicide, including verbal, behavioral, and situational clues. QPR provides direction as to how to Question a person about suicidal thoughts, how to Persuade them to get help and how to Refer the person for help.

Presented by a certified QPR instructor, each 90-minute QPR gatekeeper training includes information on:

  • The problem of suicide nationally, regionally, and at ISU
  • Common myths and facts associated with suicide
  • Warning signs of suicide
  • Tips for asking the suicide question
  • Methods for persuading suicidal individuals to get help
  • Ways of referring at risk people to local resources
  • AND time for questions and answers

Each participant will receive information on suicide prevention, as well as resource information for treatment providers and support groups on campus and in the Pocatello community.

Request QPR Training

If you would like to request a Gatekeeper training, please call us at (208) 282-2130.

Contact Us


(208) 282-2130
Graveley Hall, South Tower, Room 351

Idaho Falls:
(208) 282-7750
Bennion Student Union Building, 2nd Floor, Room 223

Fall/Spring: M-F 8-5
Summer: M-F 7:30-4

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