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Idaho State University

Bengal S.T.E.M. Day November 7th, 2019


The College of Science and Engineering at Idaho State University would like to invite high school students to join us for High School Bengal STEM Day 2019. Students will visit our campus to participate in competitions and interactive learning activities focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Registration by October 31, 2019 is required for all attendees.  Space may be limited, so plan to register early.  Free lunch tickets for your group will be based on the information provided by registered teachers and students.  


Student and Teacher Registration for Bengal STEM Day (opens September 23).


Bengal STEM Day Agenda

 We are excited to have a new format for Bengal STEM Day.  Students will need to register to attend a competition or activity for every session.


Teacher Check-in


Session 1 of STEM Classes/activities


Session 2 of STEM Classes/activities


Session 3 of STEM Classes/activities


Lunch or college prep sessions/campus tours


Lunch or college prep sessions/campus tours


Competition Awards Announcements




Popsicle Stick Bridge

Build a bridge made of Popsicle sticks.  Bring them to Bengal STEM Day to test the maximum load weight. 

Bridges must be built prior to Bengal STEM Day.

Popsicle Stick Bridge Rules

Mousetrap Car

Design and build a mousetrap car to compete in distance and speed.

Cars must be built prior to Bengal STEM Day.

Mousetrap Car Rules

Egg Rocket Challenge

Build a rocket to hold an egg. Rockets will be launched to test their ability to protect the egg from impact.

Rockets are built during the session.

Egg Rocket Rules

Robot Competition 

Build a robot to complete a task.

Robots must be built prior to Bengal STEM Day.

Robot Competition Rules

Chemistry Relay

Compete by doing chemistry activities as quickly and accurately as possible.

Rules provided during sessions.

Mineral Identification Competition

Correctly identify the most minerals using mineral test kits and mineral identification guides.

Rules provided during sessions.


Interactive Learning Activities


Exploring the Brain

An interactive experience utilizing 4D technology to discover the wonder of the brain, mind and body.

Water Works:  Engineering Pipelines
Sponsored by A&E Engineering

Explore different pipelines, what they carry and how they work.

Python Programming

Program LEGO robots, Turtle graphics and choose your own adventure games.

3D Printing in Museum Exhibits
Idaho Musem of Natural History

Learn about the entire process from making the 3D file, printing and painting the bones, and assembling the finished product.  We will be in the process of building an American Lion skeleton and exhibit piece that was designed and printed by high school students.

From Experiment to Data and Model Setup

Do an experiment, collect data and create a model describing the experiment.

Circuits 101
Sponsored by ON Semiconductor

Join this hands-on class to discover what a circuit is and how it works.

Nuclear Science

An interactive demonstration of radioactive decay.

RPi and Cybersecurity

Learn more about cybersecurity using RPi computers.

Tower of Terror

Build a tower of terror to learn about structural integrity.

Building Electronic Circuits with Snap Circuits

Learn about electricity and build an electronic circuit with Snap Circuits.


Use modeling clay to build a model of a brain.

Marvelous Microbes

Use microscopes and interactive displays to learn about microbiology.

Electronic Amusement

Interactive play with electronic audiovisual displays.

Molecular Research Techniques:  DNA Extraction

Extract DNA from strawberries and see how a sequencing core lab processes and provides data to further scientific research endeavors.

Hands On STEM
Sponsored by the Idaho National Laboratory


Student and Teacher Registration for Bengal STEM Day (opens September 23).


For questions or assistance, please contact:

Miriam Dance

(208) 282-4361


Jennilee Overocker

(208) 282-3099










(208) 282-4464

921 S 8th Ave Stop 8065

Pocatello, ID 83209