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Using the Staff Directory Layouts

User Level Power User

Using Standard Layout, 3 column, 2 column, and Simple list requires 2 section setup. A parent section for the wrapper and a child section for the entries. The child section must be named staff_directory_entries. The parent section can be named whatever you want.

Parent and child sections for staff directories

The layout output on the parent section is determined by the wrapper you choose.
Staff directory wrapper
Staff directory wrapper - 3 column
Staff directory wrapper - 2 column
Staff directory wrapper - Staff list

You need only put a wrapper on the parent section and the listing will be generated.


To create a listing that links to single page entries requires more sections.

Full page directory

Each entry must have its own section. The parent section uses navigation object id=62 to generate a list.
<t4 type="navigation" name="CMS directory preview to full page" id="62" />


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