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The auto-publish is not currently working.

In order to have your content publish, please use the Publish section and Publish branch options explained below.

Publishing Content

TerminalFour is separate from the website. They are on different servers. In order for the content on T4 to appear on the website, it must be published.

Only approved content can be published to the website.

Approved content and sections will publish to the website.

Pending content and sections will not publish to the website.

Inactive content and sections will not publish to the website. Making content inactive will remove it from the live website if it has been previously published.


To ensure that your content can be published, it is best to use the Save and Approve option when saving content.

 Save and Approve content


Publishing options


Publish Section

You can publish a section immediately (or within a few minutes) by clicking on the 'Publish section' button. Found at the top of the page when you open a section.

Publish section button


OR from the action menu in the site structure

Publish section button in action menu




Publish Branch

The 'Publish branch' feature will publish a section and all of its subsections.

If you have made several changes on different sections, you can go to the action menu of your home page, choose 'Publish branch', and all the changes will be published.

Certain sections are interconnected with navigation objects. They will only publish if the whole branch is published.
Examples of navigation object pages are:

  • left_sidebar
  • right_sidebar
  • staff_deirectory_entries
  • Faculty_and_Staff

If 'Publish section' doesn't seem to be working, publish your branch.

From the section action menu in the site structure

Publish branch option in the site structure menu


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