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Wrong Fitment Car Club

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Advisor Kevin Cornwall
President Derek Staker


Our purpose is to demonstrate and develop friendships and bonds within our club and share that with the Bengal community, regardless of factors such as race, religion, social standing, etc.  We will accomplish this mission firstly by supporting all Bengal athletic teams by hosting or participating in as many events as possible (being hype and enthusiastic) prior to the athletic games.  We will also dedicate ourselves to bettering the community through fundraisers and donations.  In addition, all members and potential members will be educated as much or as little as they desire about automotives of all types, and members will use this information to participate in club meetings and events, regardless of how much knowledge they have on the topic.

Contact Us

(208) 282-3451

Pond Student Union Building 1st Floor


Campus Box 8170
Pocatello, Idaho