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Photo collage showing various field studies for CERE

CERE is here to provide support and opportunities for ecology research in our community. Training and access to instrumentation and equipment is available to public partners, local elementary and high school teachers and students, other faculty members at ISU, and undergraduates and graduate students. We know that equipment may not be available in individual labortories, or is only needed periodically. Visit the equipment available for check-out and the analytical laboratory analyses offered. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting our lab or having us visit your organization or classroom.

Faculty associated with CERE teach in the departments of Biological Sciences, Geosciences and Engineering. CERE provides laboratory space, instrumentation, and equipment for undergraduate research and hands on learning experiences. In addition, we provide teaching support to various graduate and undergraduate courses so that classes can use current analytical equipment in CERE.

Graduate students working towards MS and PhD degrees in Biological Sciences, Geosciences and Engineering all utilize CERE facilities. CERE provides hands on training for graduate students in sample processing, method development and analysis so as to make them self-sufficient in analyzing their samples.



Adventure Learning Workshops held each summer for participants interested in protecting the local ecology. All participants created their own digital stories to introduce themselves and document some of their experiences and beliefs in regard to ecosystems and land conservation. Additionally, the participants were given the opportunity to produce lesson plans based on what they learned over the course of the workshops. Many of the participants expressed excitement to learn more about the ecology surrounding Pocatello, especially those who are from the area. They also communicated concern about some aspects of it and ideas for how the community could work to protect our environment in the future.

MURI [MILES undergraduate research and internships] A program to encourage undergraduate research by pairing selected students with a faculty or stakeholder mentor.




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