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Frequently Asked Questions: Intramurals

How do I add people onto our roster?

In order to add individuals to your roster, you need to make sure of a couple things:

  1. ) The person you are looking to add has a profile created on IM Leagues and
  2. ) the date you’re attempting to add them is before the close date for the league. After the close date, no one can be added to any roster.

What happens if I get ejected, fight, etc.?

If you are administered a technical foul, a red card, etc., you have to talk to the director of intramurals, Shelby Williams. It’s your responsibility to obtain a way to contact her during her office hours. After you have talked with Shelby, she will notify the supervisors that you are cleared to play. You cannot play if you have not talked to her.

If you are involved in a physical altercation with another player, you will be suspended for the remainder of the semester.

How do I pay for my intramural team to register?

You need to pay your registration fee before your first game. Payments can be made in the Campus Recreation office upstairs in Reed Gym.

How do I know when my team plays?

All games for each sport are posted daily on IM Leagues, including playoff brackets.

It is your responsibility to let the intramural supervisors know if you cannot make it to a game, preferably 24 hours before said game is to take place. Intramural employees are not responsible for letting you know when your game is.

Where can I go to get answers to any questions I have about intramurals?

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., intramural questions can be answered by Shelby Williams, the intramural director. Her office is upstairs in the new addition to Reed Gym (the same place where you pay to register your team).

After 2 p.m., a supervisor will be working in the office by the North gym (near the Rock Wall) to answer any questions you may have until 5 p.m.

Also, you can contact any of the intramural supervisors via the messaging system in IM Leagues.


Campus Recreation Office


(208) 282-4854

SRC, Room 360

Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:30pm



Spring 2019 Hours:
January 7 to May 4

Monday      6am-10:30pm
Tuesday     6am-10:30pm
Wednesday 6am-10:30pm
Thursday    6am-10:30pm
Friday        6am-8pm
Saturday    8am-6pm
Sunday      12pm-6pm

Pool Schedule

Wall Schedule


News and Announcements

Consult Fees page
for information on pricing

Spring Break Hrs
Mar 16-17, 12pm-6pm
Mar 18-22, 8am-7pm
Mar 23-24, 12pm-6pm

Spring Break Pool Hrs
Mar 16-17, 1-4pm Combo
Mar 18-19, Pool Closed
Mar 20-22, 11-2 L, 2-6 C
Mar 23-24, 1-4pm Combo

Climbing Wall Closed
Sat Mar 16 thru Sun Mar 24


Thursdays starting Jan 10
Yoga Class in Rec 278
Free to Students/Members
$8 daily fee to community

Sundays starting Jan 20
Spin/Yoga Class in Rec 287
Free to Students/Members
$8 daily fee to community