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Social and Behavioral Science

Anthony Hoskin

Dr. Anthony Hoskin

Criminology Program Director; Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology


  • Theories of Violence
  • Biosocial approach to violence
  • Link between firearms and violence
  • Relationship between alcohol consumption and violence 

Why Do People Get Into Fights, and How Do We Prevent It?

Dr. Steven Lawyer

Professor of Psychology; Director of Clinical Training


  • Clinical Psychology
  • Science and Psuedoscience
  • Anxiety
  • Decision-Making

Defense Against the Dark Arts: How to Avoid Being Scammed, Fooled, Tricked, and Manipulated (by Yourself and Others)

Debunking Popular Myths in Psychology

Dr. Tera D. Letzring

Dr. Tera Letzring

Associate Professor of Psychology


  • Personality Judgment
  • Research Methods

Personality Psychology: Why Do People Think What They Think, Feel What They Feel, and Do What They Do?

The Beauty of Statistics and Research Methods

Dr. Katrina Running

Dr. Katrina Running

Assistant Professor of Sociology


  • Environmental Sociology
  • Public Opinion about Climate Change

What is Environmental Sociology?

What are the Causes and Consequences of Climate Change for Human Societies?



Mona Xu

Dr. Xiaomeng (Mona) Xu

Assistant Professor of Psychology


  • Social Psychology
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Neuroimaging
  • Behavioral Health

What can Neuroscience Tell Us About Love?

Relationship Lifehacks

Social Psychology - How we Interact with and Influence One Another


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