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Literature, Writing, and Philosophy

Dr. Jacob Berger

Dr. Jacob Berger

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


• Cognitive Science

• Philosophy of the Mind

• Consciousness

Can Computers Think?

Our Moral Duty to the Poor

Scientific Evidence Against Free Will

Tera Cole

Tera Cole

Associate Lecturer of English


• Composition

• Business Writing

• Technical and Professional Writing

• Critical Thinking and Popular Culture

Accessing Ideologies in Popular Culture

Building Confidence in Writing. What is a Confident Writer?

Gothic Detectives

Human Rights in Literature

Dr. Thomas Klein

Dr. Thomas Klein

Professor of English


• Old English

• History of the English Language

• Medieval Literature

A Very Brief History of the English Language

Good and Bad Pilgrims in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

The Monsters of Beowulf

Dr. Evan Rodriguez

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy


• The History of Philosophy

• Greek and Roman Philosophy

• Theory of Knowledge

• Philosophic Methodology

What Do We Really Know? Brains in Vats and Other Philosophical Thought Experiments

You Can Chain My Leg But Not Me: The Ancient Stoics on the Art of Living

Who Are We? Theories of the Self East and West

What Makes a Philosopher? (and What Makes You Just Plain Crazy?)

Truth, Facts, and Fake News

Michael Stubbs

Associate Lecturer in English


• Writing Essays

• Writing About Nature

• Environmental Literature

Writing Essays

Writing About Nature

Environmental Literature

Dr. Robert Watkins

Dr. Robert Watkins

Assistant Professor of English


• Composition & Rhetoric

• Professional Communication

• Technical Writing

Comics in the Classroom

Resume Workshop

What is Technical and Professional Writing?

Dr. Lydia Wilkes

Dr. Lydia Wilkes

Assistant Professor of English


• Rhetoric & Composition

• Gaming Pedagogy

• Technical and Professional Writing

What Rhetoric Is and Why You Need It

Video Games and Learning

How to Get a Job with an English Major

Dr. Amanda Zink

Dr. Amanda Zink

Assistant Professor of English


• American Literature

• Native American Literature

• Multi­ethnic and Multi­racial Writing

• 19th Century Women's Writing


Manifest Destiny, Frontier Fantasy, The Myth of the Old West

American Women's Literature

Literature in the American West




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