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Idaho State University

Pianist Performs in World-Renowned Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Idaho State University pianist Natalia Lauk recently returned from the Washington International Piano Festival in Washington D.C., where she had the opportunity to perform in the world-renowned Kennedy Center.

Pianist Performs in World-Renowned Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

“Performing at the Kennedy Center was my goal of the whole trip,” Lauk said. “There were no seats available, and people were sitting on the stairs. It was also broadcast online and will stay forever on the Kennedy Center’s website.”

The festival included nine days of private lessons with elite pianists, master classes, recitals, competitions and lectures at the Catholic University of America. On the third day, participants auditioned to perform at the Kennedy Center, and Lauk was one of the students chosen.

“As a professional I want to challenge myself to grow,” she said. “I teach piano differently than people in other countries, so I got to see how international coaches and judges teach their students. I wanted to get a diverse experience, and I definitely got it.”

Lauk said the trip to Washington, D.C. was also special to her as this was the first time she visited the nation’s capital as an American citizen. She is from a Russian background and has been a U.S. citizen for one year. During breaks in her lessons, Lauk was able to go sightseeing to museums, monuments, galleries and memorials around the area.  

Lauk’s performance at the Kennedy Center can be found at