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Colden Baxter

Colden Baxter, Ph.D.


Office: Life Sciences 310A

(208) 251-5980

Stream Ecology Center

The Stream Ecology Center is dedicated to the study of streams, rivers, and their watersheds and to informing conservation and stewardship through both research and teaching.


2002, Ph.D. Fisheries Science, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
1997, M.S. Organismal Biology and Ecology, University of Montana, Missoula, MT
1993, B.A. Biology and Geology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

2002-2004, Postdoctoral fellow, Stream-forest food webs, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Baxter is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Idaho State University. He grew up farming and ranching, principally in northwest Montana, and received his academic training in biology and geology (BA, Univ. Oregon), ecology (MS, Univ. Montana), fisheries science and philosophy of science (Ph.D., Oregon State Univ.), and ecosystem studies (postdoctoral fellowship, Colorado State Univ. & Hokkaido Univ., Japan). He teaches courses in freshwater biology, field ecology, and philosophy of science. Research conducted by Dr. Baxter and his lab group at Idaho State University's Stream Ecology Center focuses on rivers and streams, but more generally on the ecological linkages between water and land. Reciprocal connections such as those between streams, floodplains, and riparian forests are critical to watershed ecosystems, and they couple land and water in their vulnerability to the agents of global environmental change. Research led by Dr. Baxter is aimed at improving our understanding of the basic nature of such connections and the consequences of their disruption by human activities, but also contributing to better-informed conservation and stewardship.


BIOL 6604 Advanced Ecology of Streams and Rivers
BIOL 5599 History & Philosophy of Biology
BIOL 489/589 Field Ecology (periodically)
BIOL 4481/4482 Independent Problems (Undergraduate Research)
BIOL 4462/5562 Freshwater Ecology
BIOL 2209/2209L General Ecology
BIOL 1192 Careers in Ecology and Conservation Biology (periodic)

Selected Publications

Cross, W. F., C. V. Baxter, E. J. Rosi-Marshall, R. O. Hall, Jr., T. A. Kennedy, K. C. Donner, S.E.Z. Seegert, H. A. W. Kelly, M.D. Yard, and K.E. Behn. 2013. Foodweb dynamics in a large river discontinuum. Ecological Monographs 83:311-337.

Davis, J M., C.V. Baxter, B.T. Crosby, J.L. Pierce, E. J. Rosi-Marshall. 2013. Anticipating stream ecosystem responses to climate change: toward predictions that incorporate effects via land-water linkages. Ecosystems 16: 909-922.

Benjamin, J.R., F. Lepori, C.V. Baxter, and K.D. Fausch. 2013. Can replacement of native by non-native trout alter stream-riparian food webs? Freshwater Biology 58:1694-1709.

Bellmore, J. R., C.V. Baxter, P.J. Connolly, and K. Martens. 2013. The floodplain food web mosaic: a study of its importance to Pacific salmon and steelhead with implications for their restoration. Ecological Applications 23:189-207.

Mineau, M.M., C.V. Baxter, A.M. Marcarelli, G.W. Minshall. 2012. An invasive riparian tree reduces stream ecosystem efficiency via a recalcitrant organic matter subsidy. Ecology 93:1501-1508.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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