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Department Committees

Many of the administrative and policy activities of the Department of Biological Sciences are conducted through committees involving faculty, staff, and students.  The committees have specific purposes with many objectives such as defining and updating the policies and procedures of the department. Each section explains the purpose of the committee and lists the active members.

Undergraduate Education    Graduate Education   |  Research  Space, Equipment, & Safety 

 Promotion & Evaluation  |  Development & Outreach  |   Ad Hoc


Undergraduate Education

 The Undergraduate Education Committee makes decisions about undergraduate teaching in the department, interacts with the Undergraduate Curriculum Council, and approves the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog. Meetings are held every month.

  • Janet Loxterman (chair, 2020)
  • Jennifer Abbruzzese (2020)
  • Barbara Frank (2019)
  • Carolyn Bunde (2018)
  • Jeff Meldrum (2018)
  • Gene Scalarone (2018)
  • Vern Winston (2018)
  • Pam Christensen


Graduate Education

The Graduate Education Committee provides oversight of policy, provision and standards for graduate education and research following the policies set out by the Graduate School. They also make decisions about graduate teaching in the department and approve the course descriptions in the Graduate Catalog. Meetings are held every month.

  • Colden Baxter (chair, 2020)
  • Julia Martin (2020)
  • Rebecca Hale (2019)
  • Keith Reinhardt (2018)
  • Noreen King


Research Development

The research development committee makes decisions on research strategy and academic training in the department. Meetings are held monthly. 

  • David Delehanty (chair, 2019)
  • Bruce Finney (2020)
  • Jeff Hill (2019)
  • Kathleen Lohse (2019)
  • Jason Pilarski (2018)
  • Greg Stowell


Space, Equipment, & Safety Committee

The Space, Equipment, & Safety Committee manages departmental space, maintains a current inventory of accessible equipment, identifies institutional resources such as core equipment, and provides information to facilitate safety in the department. Meetings are held weekly.

  • Jim Groome (chair, 2018)
  • Mark Austin (2020)
  • Ken Aho (2019)
  • Emily Baergen
  • David Barber


Promotion & Evaluation

The Promotion & Evaluation Committee makes sure that all appropriate promotion and tenure procedures and policies are followed for; 1) third year review of untenured assistant professors and other faculty performance reviews, 2) evaluation for promotion and tenure, 3) initial appointments with tenure, and 4) promotion to full professor. Meetings are held monthly.

  • Pete Sheridan (chair, 2019)
  • Ernest Keeley (2020)
  • Catherine Black (2019)
  • Ken Rodnick (2018)


Development & Outreach

The Development & Outreach Committee is composed of several public relations working groups that are responsible for informing the public about departmental activity. The committee is also charged with communicating strategically with other organizations to build mutually beneficial relationships

Coordinator: Rosemary Smith (2019)


  • Rosemary Smith (chair, 2019)
  • Jessica Fultz (2020)
  • Katrina Rhett (2020)
  • Jack Shurley (2020)
  • Chuck Peterson (2019)
  • Antonio Castro (2018)
  • Sunshine Denney
  • Cindy Russell

Seminar, Website, & Social Media

  • Keith Reinhardt (2018)
  • Tim Magnuson (2019)
  • Jessica Fultz (2020)
  • Pam Christensen
  • Sacha Johnson

Division of Health Sciences (DHS)

  • Curt Anderson (2020)
  • Jason Pilarski (2020)
  • Shannon Curran (2019)
  • Jeff Meldrum (2018)

External Advisory (EAC)

  • Jack Rose (chair, 2019)
  • Mike Thomas (2020)
  • Gene Scalarone (2018)
  • Rick Williams (2018)


Ad Hoc

Cell Search Committee

  • Shawn Bearden (chair)
  • Kathleen Lohse
  • Jason Pilarski
  • Tim Magnuson

Physiology Search Committee

  • Shawn Bearden (chair)
  • Rebecca Hale
  • Jeff Meldrum
  • Jack Rose



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