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Idaho State University

Student Mental Health

Many students experience periods of psychological or emotional distress at some point during their college career. Some of our students may also have issues with stress and may need guidance on how to manage stress. The vast majority of these students are able to continue their studies, and benefit from the structure and support of the University environment.   All students who are enrolled in the current semester (part-time or full-time) are eligible for free, confidential counseling services. Counseling and Testing Center offers individual, group, and couples counseling, as well as Biofeedback Training at the following locations.

  1. Pocatello: Graveley Hall, 3rd floor of the south side. To schedule an appointment call 208-282-2130 or just stop by. Walk-ins are welcome Monday-Friday from 8am - 4pm.
  2. Idaho Falls: Bennion Student Union, 2nd floor, Room 223. Please call 208-282-7750 to schedule an appointment.
  3. Meridian: Counseling services are available to Meridian students through the ISU Counseling Department. Please call 208-373-1719 to schedule an appointment.

Critical cases require a specific procedure. In the non-critical cases that may arise in the laboratory, students may be referred to the Counseling and Testing Center by following the procedure outlined below.

1 Recognize the Problem: the student may tell you about personal or academic problems that are making it difficult to function academically and their behavior may show unusual stress, depression, confusion, and/or anxiety. They could make reference to personal problems in their assignments or through email communication.
2 Talk to the Student: ask the student to meet with you during your office/tutoring hours or another time that works for you both. Take the time to listen and understand what they are experiencing.
3 Refer: most likely, you will not be professionally equipped to give the needed help to the student and are encouraged to refer the student to the Counseling and Testing Center.  
A. Suggest in a caring, concerned, and open manner that the student talk with a trained counselor. You can then walk the student to the counseling offices in either Pocatello or Idaho Falls or provide them with the correct Counseling and Testing Center contact information.
B. Fill in the Notice of Concern form.