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Idaho State University

I Chose ISU - Jordan Withers

It was a moment in one of his classes that inspired Jordan Withers, a recent honors graduate in the health care administration program, to one day work for a non-profit agency benefiting the community.

I Chose ISU - Jordan Withers

“We had Make a Wish come and speak to our class last year and that was really inspiring to me, to see that they can do so much good with not a lot,” said Withers.

Originally from Boise, Withers chose to go to ISU because he was interested in the honors program here and saw a lot of opportunity that he didn’t think Boise State would have given him.

“I was worried I would just go home right after class if I went to BSU, never get involved and grow as the person I want to be,” said Withers. “That was a big factor in my college decision.”

At ISU, Withers earned not only a health care administration degree, but minored in business administration and psychology. He was named ASISU Student of the Year 2013-14 and served on the University Honors Program Executive Board and as club historian and club president. He has been an ASISU Senator for the Division of Health Sciences since 2014 and currently serves as the ASISU Senate Pro Tempore. Additionally, Withers was a resident assistant from 2013 to 2015 and is now Assistant Resident Director for university housing.

“I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone so many times,” he said. “I think that I’ve become a better manager, a better speaker and student. Being here has worked on several different facets of who I am.”

Withers explained he has “a love for health care.” Previously, he wanted to be a physician, but after being a CNA he decided that is wasn’t for him.

“I needed a program that still gave me a connection to health care, not necessarily the treatment aspect, health care administration kind of bridged the gap and was the perfect fit,” said Withers.

His undergraduate degee in hand, Withers will continue at ISU in the fall, pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree.

 “ISU is far more than just academics, there’s this prejudgment that students don’t want to attend events,” Withers said. “ISU provides all the opportunity in the world, if you are willing to take them it can make a huge influence in your life.”