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ISU Ambassador Logan Schmidt Is Beginning To Make A Big Presence on Campus

By Scarlett Smith |

POCATELLO – Idaho State University sophomore Logan Schmidt, an ISU Ambassador, a Career Path Intern and a member of Kappa Sigma, is taking full advantage of his time at ISU and sharing his experience.

ISU Ambassador Logan Schmidt Is Beginning To Make A Big Presence on Campus
Logan Schmidt

Born and raised in Pocatello, Schmidt has always known he was going to be a Bengal.

“A lot of my family has graduated from here, so growing up we were always involved with ISU community events,” Schmidt said. “I grew up knowing I was going to be a Bengal and I’m really glad I followed in my families’ footsteps.”

Schmidt is a double major in marketing and business management and plans to go on and get his Master of Business Administration degree from ISU.

“I’ve always had a strong work ethic, and I definitely get that from my parents,” said Schmidt. “They taught me to put my whole heart into whatever I am doing.”

Schmidt, who is on numerous different academic scholarships, credits most of his success to being an ISU Ambassador.

The ISU Ambassadors are devoted to the service ISU, its students, faculty and community. As an ambassador, Schmidt must maintain a 2.7 GPA, have completed at least 12 credit hours, exhibit a history of achievement and leadership, and display a willingness to serve the community and campus. The ISU Ambassadors are responsible for showing future Bengals how to get the most out of their ISU college experience.

“Being an ambassador has given me a lot of school pride, we learn so much about the programs, founders and history it truly has changed my life,” said Schmidt. “My freshmen year I wasn’t involved all that much, but because of my ambassadorship I’ve gotten to attend so many events, meet new people, build stronger connections and have a blast.”

“I applied to be an ambassador when I was a senior in high school and didn’t get it,” Schmidt said. “However, through the interview process I met my future mentor and role model, Stuart Summers.”

Summers, the associate vice president for Marketing and Communications, and former ISU College of Technology’s director of Marketing and Recruitment, was one of the committee members who decided which student became an ambassador. Though Schmidt showed great enthusiasm the committee still felt he needed a year of college experience before becoming an ambassador.

Summers liked Schmidt’s enthusiasm and after the ambassador interview he thought he would make an awesome intern in the College of Technology office. Schmidt started there as a freshmen.When Summers made the move to the marketing and communication’s department, Schmidt went with him and currently works there as a career path intern.

“One of his greatest strengths is he is one of those guys that is incredibly genuine, likeable and is a hard worker,” Summers said.

As a CPI, Schmidt organizes and plans ISU’s digital recruiting billboards located around Pocatello. He also helps with the ISU’s marketing by looking at other universities and gives Summers ideas through the perspective of a student.

“He’s one of those students who you hate to see graduate eventually, because he does such a good job,” Summers said. “He has so much potential and I know he is going to be amazing in the world and accomplish his goals.”

In Schmidt’s free time he is an active member in both ISU’s Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Marketing Association Club.

“Being initiated into a fraternity is another thing that has helped me to get involved,” Schmidt said. “They really push to take part in different workshops, like how to introduce yourself, how to conduct yourself professionally, how to talk to a lady and other general information on how to be a gentleman. I really like that and think that sometimes our generation forgets about its importance.”


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