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It's Important

It's Important - End of Semester

Keep In Mind:

As the Spring Semester ends, Students should:

  • Register for Fall 2019 as soon as possible for the best class selection. The Trial Class Schedule can help with planning.
  • Check grades in BengalWeb - log in, select Academic Tools, Registration Tools, My Registration and Schedule Information (My Profile) and then select Academic Transcript on the left menu.
  • Check for any outstanding balances that will prevent registration or hold up transcript orders.
  • If needed, an official transcript may be ordered before the end of the semester using the “hold for grades” option. This ensures the transcript will include final semester grades.
  • Review the Degree Works audit and verify that your major is accurately recorded.
  • Check your cumulative GPA. If your GPA has fallen below 2.0, you may be under Academic Warning or Academic Probation and must complete the online probation (STAR) workshop.
  • Adjust your Fall 2019 class schedule as needed if Spring grades have affected your Academic Standing. To review options Meet with an Advisor.

Plan for your return in the Fall!

  • Students who are in the process of deciding their major should take time to discover and declare a major.
  • To formally declare your major, make an appointment with a major department advisor and ask to initiate a Curriculum Change Request (CCR).
  • It is recommended that students declare a major before their sophomore year to Stay on Track for graduation.
  • Log in to BengalWeb and review the Student Finances menu and Financial Aid portlet; submit all requested information as soon as possible to finalize Financial Aid award.
  • Need help with your housing situation? Connect with University Housing for some great options.

Over the break, students should:

  • Check ISU email regularly. Important department notifications go out via the ISU email account.
  • Attend Events on campus.