ISU Diversity Council

To honor and respect the diversity of the ISU community, the ISU Diversity Council fosters a supportive and welcoming environment for all individuals and engages the ISU community in discussions about diversity. A diverse ISU community brings students a breadth of experiences to prepare them to participate in an increasingly complex and international society. Education, research, and service are richer through the process of being nurtured in a diverse community. Diversity provides equal and inclusive opportunities for all and broadens and deepens both the educational experience and the scholarly environment for the ISU community.


Bobby Arteaga, University Housing

Ramila Baral, ASISU Senator

Joel Bocagengra, College of Education

Dan Dale, Physics & Astronomy

Deb Easterly, Office of Research

Henry Evans, Exofficio, EO/AA & Diversity

Ryan Faulkner, Staff Council

Stacey Gibson, Chair, EO/AA & Diversity

Denise Hopster, Human Resources

Noah Johnson, ASISU Senator

Regina Koury, Library

Stacey Marshall, Human Resources

Sonia Martinez, Office of Research

Alan Mirly, Physician Assistant

Rphael Njoku, Languages & Literature

Diane Norton, College of Technology

Ryan Sargent, Alumni Relations

Scott Scholes, Academic Affairs

Rhonda Woodruff, Graduate School




Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action and Diversity

(208) 282-3964

(208) 282-5829

Rendezvous Bldg. Rm. 157

921 S. 8th, Stop 8315

Pocatello, ID. 83209

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Stacey Gibson

Henry Evans
Assistant Director

Shirley Taysom
Administrative Assistant II 208-282-3964

Sean Fay
EO/AA Specialist


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209

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