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Your Host: Dr. Craig W. Nickisch, Idaho State University

These World Wide Web sites will get you started to virtually anywhere in the German-speaking world - for business, politics, and telephone numbers and zip-codes. At the bottom of this page is the table of contents, again, so you can click to go anywhere on the site.

Politics & Government

The German Constitution, the Grundgesetz
The German Embassy and German Information Center.
The German Congress, the Deutscher Bundestag
Christliche Demokratische Union
Freie Demokratische Partei
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands
Partei Deutscher Sozialisten ... the old communists (from East Germany) who haven't learned, but are working the new system.
Die Grünen/Bündnis 90
Get 50 great pictures of the "Wende"
The Austrian Congress: Nationalrat and Bundesrat {not available at the moment}
The current Austrian Coalition [not available at the moment]
Österreichische Volkspartei
Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs
Liberales Forum (Österreich) [not available at the moment]

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The 16 German States

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