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Staff Council

Parking Appeals

The ASISU, with the approval of the ASISU Senate, appoints the Student Appeals Committee which consists of three students. One student is selected from the College of Technology. The chairperson of this committee will also serve on the Campus Parking Advisory Board. The committee hears all student appeals except their own. Student hearings are held at least once a week at the respective Campus Parking Office. The appeals committee’s will meet separately to hear appeals from their individual campus. University Place will have one University of Idaho student on the student appeals committee, appointed by the ASISU Vice President, Idaho Falls.

The Faculty and Staff Appeals Committee will consist of one faculty member, one COPE member, and one CEC member. Each member is to be appointed by their respective committees. The Faculty and Staff Appeals Committee, which meets as needed, shall hear all faculty and staff appeals and those involving members of the Student Appeals Committee. The faculty and staff appeals committee’s will meet separately to hear appeals from their individual campuses. At least one Faculty/Staff Member of the Appeals Committee at University Place will be a University of Idaho Faculty/Staff member appointed by the Dean of the University of Idaho.

During the summer session and the semester breaks immediately prior to and following summer session, student appeals are heard by the Faculty and Staff Appeals Committee.

Staff Council Representatives: Brian Kraft, Doug Milder, Joseph Simonsen, Ben Mills



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