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Budget Council

The Faculty Senate Budget Council (composed of mostly faculty and staff members) reviews each unit’s budget proposal to make sure it is within the guidelines set by the Administration, fits with the overall strategic plan for the individual unit and the campus as a whole, seeks clarification and answers to questions that arise, and makes recommendations to the Budget Planning Committee (Administrators, Campus and Student Leadership).  The Budget Council’s recommendations are taken quite seriously in the administration’s consideration of the final budget allocations.

Detailed description: The function of the University Budget Council is to review University and unit budgets and make recommendations to Faculty Senate and the Budget Planning Committee that pertain to the acquisition and disposition of institutional financial resources as such actions affect the academic mission of the University. Specific areas of concern include:

  1. To review and develop policies regarding the acquisition and disposition of institutional financial resources that reflects the primacy of the academic functions of the University.
  2. To advise the University administration through specific recommendations on major issues concerning allocation of institutional financial resources. Such recommendations would include but not be limited to:
    1. a. Determine what (if any) portions of the various budgets are in compliance with guidelines distributed in regards to budget preparations and consistent with the unit’s and University’s strategic plans.
    2. b. Gather economic information that would aid in making recommendations to the administration for a declaration of financial hardship/exigency and recommending a plan of action should hardship/exigency be declared.
  3. To promote discussion in the University community about major issues concerning allocation of institutional financial resources by ensuring the budgetary process remains open and transparent. In order to address these purposes, the University Budget Council will gather budgetary data/information from all campus units in order to provide constituents with information concerning last year’s expenditures, next year’s expected expenditures and revenues, and worse-case revenue projections for contingency planning.

The committee meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month 4:00 – 5:30 pm, also the 4th Tuesday is reserved if needed (2 or 3 times per week or more as required during the budget  process cycle in January, February and the 1st part of March)

Non-Classified Representative is: James Yizar

Classified Representative is: Sharra Nelson


921 South 8th Avenue
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