School of Performing Arts: Music Student Recitals

The following student recital policies will be observed:

  1. Any student planning to present a public recital at the University is required to audition before a music faculty committee at least 30 days before the proposed date of the recital. The music faculty committee will consist of the student's major applied professor and at least two more full-time professors from the same (or related, if necessary) applied area. The student is responsible for arranging this audition with his/her major professor and for reserving the Recital Hall. The Recital Audition Form (downloadable) must be submitted to the Music Department secretary at least three days before the recital audition. Immediately following the audition, the faculty will discuss the performance and vote to approve or disapprove the recital. If the recital is disapproved the student may schedule another audition no sooner than two weeks hence. If disapproved a second time, the student may schedule another audition no sooner than the next semester.
  2. In order to be eligible for a senior recital (MUSC 4495) a student must have reached and be registered for, or have just completed, the appropriate 4000-level lessons.
  3. A 30-minute solo or joint recital in the senior year is required of all B.M.E. (Music Education) majors.
  4. A full recital in the senior year is required of all B.A., B.S., and B.M. (Performance) majors. A solo or joint recital in the junior year for B.M. (Performance) majors is optional, except for piano majors, and must also have the approval of the faculty.
  5. All senior recitals shall include one chamber ensemble as a portion of the program. Use of other ISU student musicians is strongly encouraged.
  6. Students shall prepare and present program notes (brief biographical and structural or compositional comments) and any foreign language translations to their applied music teacher for approval two weeks prior to the recital date.
  7. A Recital Fee of $50 must be paid to the Music Department before the Recital Jury. This fee will pay for use of the Recital Hall for the dress rehearsal and performance, printing recital programs, personnel costs (stage hand, recording technican, door monitor), and a copy of the recording of the recital. The master recording will be placed in the Listening Lab. All other expenses, such as accompanist fees and additional copies of the recording, will be paid for by students. (See suggested fee schedule for accompanists under Piano Accompanist Policies of the Student Handbook.) If piano tuning is desired immediately before the performance, a tuning fee of $25 is required. See Goranson Hall Policy for important information about scheduling.