Transition to Practice

Schools and clinical organizations are expected to provide patients with nurses who provide patient-centered, error free clinical care. Many studies indicate new graduates are not yet ready to practice in rural environments with the skills needed. A year long program provided by local agencies that includes advanced education modules, a preceptor, self assessment, and periodic measurement of professional competencies nourishes transitioning caregivers

The Northwest Rural Nurse Residency Model (NWRNR)

The NWRNR transition to practice model joins education facilities’ and clinical agencies’ powers in developing new graduate strengths. The national nursing community supports individual nurses’ professional growth and development with standards of care, professional development levels, competence measures, and growth recognition.

Quality patient care depends on an individual’s career management and an organization’s support environment. Support includes professional development, a civil work environment, safe workplace practices, and the freedom to grow.

Interprofessional care givers unite in supporting novice providers and vulnerable patients achieve optimal health. Clinical experts employ appreciative inquiry program development methods for assessment, goal setting, and outcome achievement. Teachers, coaches, preceptors, supervisors and peers provide clinical learning environments for novices to integrate knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, evidence, outcome measurement, and competency validation for goal achievement.  The purpose of transition to practice programs is to create collaborative team workers who integrate information management, synthesize evidence, and implement quality improvement systems for provide safe client/family and community-centered care. Periodic competence validation provides evidence of performance growth.

The NWRNR offers two  year long residencies for rural nurses. Care in the Community is a flexible transition program for nurses in Long Term Care, Public Health, Home Health and Hospice. Acute Care is for nurses working in rural hospital settings.

NWRNR Brochure 2013

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