Acute Care Residency

"Every new nurse deserves a residency"

Findings of a three year study indicate 93% of graduates of the Acute Care Residency were found employed after two years. The success rate begins with the decision to support new graduates.
1. Employers and personnel are oriented to the program that focuses on crisis assessment and management.
2. Employers adopting the education modules and processes assign an experienced nurse to act as the new employee’s preceptor.
3. The preceptor is trained and tested then assesses the strengths of the new nurse.
4. An individualized learning plan is developed.
5. Weekly three hour periods are devoted to the employee’s growth. Educational modules, clinical practice session, competency validation via simulation, and self-study sessions are provided.

Thursday is Professional Development Day.

Webinars Offered Monthly:

Residents Receive:

Communication and Resources: Information for completion of coursework, program updates, and class resources are kept on Moodle, which is the distance education courseware.  Moodle is found on the Idaho State University web page.  A user name and password are provided. Webinars are held in the “Training Center” on Webex. Camera, fast internet connection, and microphone are needed for full participation.
Clinical Expectations:
The employer and preceptor develop a learning plan of 10 clinical skills is developed during the first two weeks of the residency. Preceptors facilitate learning and test competence in the 10 skills and perform monthly competence validations. Employers encourage and monitor resident progress.
Preceptor/Resident Manual:
The resident and preceptor guide the residency with a workbook containing:

Simulation and Competency Validation:
Residents and Preceptors experience hands on clinical testing and validation of competence in crisis assessment and management using high fidelity simulation.

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