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    Funding Opportunity with the Mountain West Consortium! We have a great opportunity for grant funding thru our association with the CTR-IN grant! Please see links and info below and contact us with any questions and if we can be of any service to you!

    Research Day: Langer and Kenyon, Mountain West Consortium: CTR-IN Grant


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    IDeA CTR-IN Grant Pilot study information
    Clinical Translational Research defined:

    Clinical research includes (1) patient-oriented research; (2) epidemiologic and behavioral studies; and (3) outcomes research and health services research.

    Translational research (T1-T4) includes:

    T1, Translation to Humans: Testing basic science discoveries in humans for clinical effect and/or applicability;

    T2, Translation to Patients: Testing new interventions in human subjects under controlled environments to form the basis for clinical applications and evidence--based guidelines;

    T3, Translation to Practice: Research on the application of new interventions or therapies in general practice; research that yields knowledge on best ways to implement new medical interventions in the clinic; and

    T4, Translation to Population: Investigations of factors and/or interventions that influence the health of populations; ultimately results in improved health of the public.

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    Please check back for information on Round 3 call!

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    Current Pilot Grant Awardees

    Pilot Grant Coordinators:

    Curtis Noonan, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Epidemiology
    Center for Environmental Health Sciences
    University of Montana Missoula

    C. William Shuttleworth, Ph.D.
    Regents' Professor
    Department of Neurosciences
    University of New Mexico

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    Discovering new drugs using super computing
    Computational chemist Danny Xu, Ph.D., talks about the role of molecular simulation and super computers in the the discovery of new drugs. He's a researcher in the College of Pharmacy at Idaho State University-Meridian Health Science Center.

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