Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Arts in Earth and Environmental Systems

 Fall Seminar 2013

The purpose of this program is to deliver a multidisciplinary education with environmental geosciences as a foundation while also drawing upon existing courses from a diverse array of campus programs. The emphases in this program is to span local to global concerns. Core knowledge is developed through a set of required courses across several disciplines, emphasizing the Geosciences, and through required and elective core courses.  You must choose one track from the following list of 3 (at least 21 credits) to complete the B.S. or B.A. degree in Earth and Environmental Systems.

Choose one of three tracks:
  • BS in Environmental Systems: Upper division courses emphasizing environmental aspects of Geosciences and Biological Sciences, with supporting courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and social sciences.
  • BS in Geospatial Systems: Upper division geotechnologies courses in Geosciences and History, with supporting courses in Mathematics and social sciences.
  • BA in Environmental Systems: Interdisciplinary coursework in Political Science, History, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy

Please use this pdf guide for advising.


This track combines courses in ecology, environmental geosciences, and supporting fields, training students interested in field-related careers who need to understand the environmental relationships between geologic and living systems.

BS Environmental

This track combines courses in geospatial sciences, environmental geosciences, and supporting fields, training students interested in geotechnology-related careers with government agencies, private companies, and academic institutions.

Geospatial Systems Track

This track combines courses in the social sciences with core science courses to develop broad-based knowledge in environmental science, the history and practice of environmental policy, and sociological and philosophical aspects of the environment.B.A. Systems Track


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