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Office Staff

Raphael Chijioke Njoku, Department Chair and Director of International Studies, graduated with a first-class honors from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and was Nigeria’s 16th Rhodes Scholar-elect in 1992. He received his doctorate in African history from Dalhousie University Canada in 2003. Early on, he had earned a doctorate in Political Science from Vrije University, Belgium in 2001. His research specialty is African history, politics, and culture, including the intersection between literature and African studies. He has also been working on themes related to the international studies since 1997.

Njoku is the author of Culture and Customs of Morocco (2005), African Cultural Values: Igbo Political Leadership in Colonial Nigeria 1900-1966 (2006), and co-editor of Missions, States, and European Expansion in Africa (2007), War and Peace in Africa (2010), African history (2010), Africa and the Wider World (2010), and The History of Somalia (2013). He has also authored 35 scholarly articles in international journals and edited volumes.

Some of his awards include: Eleanor Young Love Award for Distinguished scholarship (2006), Distinguished Research Award in the Category of Social Sciences (2009), Indiana University Library Residency Award (2009), Victor Olurunsola Endowed Research Award (2007), and the Schomburg Center award for Research in Black Studies (2006-07). Njoku is currently the Director of International Studies and Chair of the Department of Languages and Literature at Idaho.


Arabic Faculty

Abeer R. ALqurashi, Instructor, Arabic,  MHE, Idaho State University, 2012; MBA "Arabic Academic Scientific Technology, Alexandrea, Egypt," 2002. She teaches Elementary Arabic 1101 and 1102 at ISU. She has been teaching Elementary Arabic for Non-Arabic speakers at international schools in Saudi Arabia since 2006. Also, she has been teaching courses on "Train the Trainer and Teaching skills" for teachers and trainers since 2003. Ms. Alqurashi has a lot of experience as an Arabic translator, particularly in Quality of Health, Health Management, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). IN addition, she is a Certified Instructor in CPR as a part of her credentials. She has taught health-education lectures for nursing schools to promote International Health Awareness, and she has a special interest in common disease and CPR coursework. In addition, she is a certified web designer.

French Faculty

Pamela Park, Ph.D.Professor. French Literature (CUNY 1979), License in French (University of Nancy 1974) B.A. French (Fordham University 1972). Professor Park teaches all levels of French language, as well as upper-level courses in French literature and civilization. Her research focuses on France's literary Golden Age with an emphasis on the 17th-century writer and theologian Fénelon.
Photo Valia Tatarova, Assistant Lecturer, French. Valia went to the French boarding School "Romain Rolland" for five years. She obtained her M.A. in French Philology from Sofia University. She obtained a second M.A. from the University of Notre Dame du Lac. In her post-graduate, she specialized in Contemporary Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages, and wrote academic papers on topics related to its methodology. She has lived in France for four years, and has traveled extensively in Europe. She obtained the ISU Certificate of Quality Matters in Web course design, and has developed online courses.
She has taught French at the University of Notre Dame du Lac and at St. Mary's College before coming to ISU. She has been teaching at ISU for twelve years. She designed and taught 1101, 1102, and 300 level Business French. She is the Advisor of the French Club and a member of the National French Honor Society Pi Delta Phi. She is particularly interested in contemporary methods of teaching foreign languages.
Photo Anne Brookman, Adjunct Instructor, French. Honors B.A. French and Secondary Education (University of Utah, 1988) M.A. French Literature (University of Oregon, 1991). Anne spent her university junior year studying in Angers, France. Later, she completed her first year of graduate study as a Rotary scholar at L'université Laval in Quebéc, Canada and a few years later participated in a 4-week Fulbright teacher exchange in Morocco, Africa (1996). Anne taught high school French for seven years before coming to ISU. 

German Faculty

Sandra Dillon, Assistant Lecturer, German. PhD. German (University of Oregon 2011), M.A. German (University of Colorado, Boulder 2002), B.A. Spanish and German (Idaho State University 2000).Sandra Dillon was born in Berlin, Germany and shortly after graduating from high-school moved to the US. Because of her father’s occupation she lived six years in Venezuela and nine years in Mexico. Dr. Dillon grew up in a bilingual environment. When she moved to Pocatello in 1994, she pursued her interests in languages, literatures, and cultures at Idaho State University. Dr. Dillon is a Qualified Medical Interpreter for Spanish, she has a Graduate Teaching Certificate from the University of Colorado and a Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies from the University of Oregon. Her research interests include the Holocaust and representations of terrorism in literature and film.
Photo Lisa Coffield, Adjunct Instructor, German. Instructor Coffield has been teaching at ISU since the Fall of 2010, and teaches first-year German. She is certified to teach both German and French, and is currently studying for her Master's Degree in Linguistic Anthropology, which she hopes to finish during the 2013/14 school year. 

Japanese Faculty

Sachiko Fukuoka, Assistant Lecturer, Japanese. M. Ed. Instructional Technology (Idaho State University 1999). Ms. Fukuoka received her M.A. in Education in 2003, and began teaching Japanese in 2004. She has created programs which provide students various opportunities to go to Japan every year as participants in a yearly study tour, study abroad programs, JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Program), and service projects in Japan. She is also working with a local Board of Education in Japan to reform English education. Her interests are Educational Leadership in Doctor of Education degree program, International Exchange Program, and practical and stress-free Japanese language teaching and learning methods. She teaches all levels of Japanese. Ms. Fukuoka is a faculty advisor of ISU Japanese Club and directs Sakura Kaiko, a Japanese drum group.
Photo Sanae Johnsen, Adjunct Instructor, Japanese. M.Ed. Curriculum Development & Instruction (Idaho State University, 1995), B.S. Business Administration & Accounting (California State University Chico, 1990). Sanae Johnsen has initially developed and implemented the Japanese language program in the fall of 1996. In the fall of 2004, the minor in Japanese has started with additional language instructors. The course offerings have increased from a single course to multiple courses, covering various levels of Japanese language skills acquisition and cultural protocols. She has been an instructor in Japanese at Idaho State University since the fall of 1996 and has been an active member and advisor of ISU Japanese Club. She makes multiple trips to Japan every yearto enhance her teaching skills.
picKurino Ashizawa, Adjunct Instructor, Japanese. M.S. Agriculture/Plant Science (West Texas A&M University), B.S. Biology (Idaho State University)

Ashizawa, a native Japanese from Chiba Prefecture, has been a part-tme instructor of  Japanese since 2013 and currently teaches second year Japanese.

Latin Faculty

Arthur Dolsen, Professor Emeritus. Ph.D. Classics (Trinity College, Dublin 1978), B.A. (University of British Columbia 1968). Dr. Dolsen teaches all levels of Latin offered by the university. He has also taught French and Russian extensively. His research interests include questions of ancient Greek history and rhetoric, in particular the works of Thucydides.

Spanish Faculty

Sharon Sieber, Professor, Spanish. Ph.D. Comparative Literature (Indiana University 1992), M.A. Spanish (Indiana University 1982), B.A. English and Journalism (Indiana University 1977). Professor Sieber first came to ISU in 1993 and teaches all levels of Spanish and Latin American Literature as well as 20th Century Spanish literature.  She is currently editor of Rendezvous, ISU’s Journal of Arts and Letters, and she is the Campus Fulbright Program Adviser.
Photo H. Cathleen Tarp, Associate Professor, Spanish. Ph.D Romance Languages (University of New Mexico 1999); M.A. Hispanic Literature, (University of New Mexico 1996); B.A. English Literature (University of Idaho 1992). Dr. Tarp’s areas of specialization are the Spanish Middle Ages and Baroque. Current research interests include the grotesque, the Spanish prose romance, and narratology in the context of the development of prose fiction. Dr.Tarp is a certified medical interpreter and a qualified legal interpreter. She is also faculty advisor for Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society, and the ISU student organization, Entrepeneurs of America. 
Photo Daniel Hunt, Associate Professor, Spanish. D.A. English (Idaho State University 1990), M.A. English (Idaho State University 1987), B.A. Spanish and Anthropology (Idaho State University 1980). Dr. Hunt teaches all levels of Spanish language, as well as courses in Spanish American Literature, Business Spanish, Literature in Translation, and Honors Humanities. Recent research includes humor, politics, and history in the novela negra and in the Spanish American chronicle, and teaching the poetry of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Founder and director of the weekly Tertulia.
Photo Anna Hiller, Assistant Professor, Spanish. Anna E. Hiller received her doctorate in 2010 from the University of California, Berkeley, with specializations in Modern Spanish Literature and Translation Studies, and additional minor emphases in Latin American and German Literatures. She has worked as a translator in the emergency room in San Mateo, California, and is qualified as a medical interpreter/translator in the state of Idaho. Her research interests include translation theory, ecocriticism, and the use of technology in the classroom as a means of enhancing student engagement. Dr. Hiller also recently published a collection of critical translations with Dover Publications, Great Spanish and Latin American Short Stories of the 20th Century
Photo David Heath, Senior Lecturer, Spanish. David Heath, Senior Lecturer MA Latin American Studies (University of Kansas), BA Spanish (Idaho State University). Mr. Heath teaches first and second year Spanish, and has taught Spanish for Health Care. He is also an Early College Program liaison for several area high schools and is the coordinator for Spanish 101-102. Mr. Heath lived in Puerto Rico for two years and has an interest in the Spanish-speaking cultures of the Caribbean.
Photo Sarah McCurry, Assistant Lecturer, Spanish and Language Lab Supervisor. Sarah did her undergraduate work at University of Massachusetts at Boston and her graduate work at University of California at Los Angeles. She studied in Mexico and lived in Santiago, Chile for six and a half months. 
Photo Tamra Basset, Assistant Lecturer, Spanish. Serif Font
Photo Neva Eldredge, Adjunct Instructor. Type type.
Photo Marta Robredo, Assistant Lecturer, Spanish. M.A. Spanish Literature (Washington State University 2003), B.A. Philosophy and Education, major in Psychology (University of Oviedo, Spain, 1994), First Certificate in English (University of Cambridge, England 1992). Mrs. Izquierdo Robredo is originally from Oviedo, Spain and has been living in the United States of America for ten years. While obtaining her M.A. in Spanish Literature, she was a Spanish instructor at Washington State University. She has been a lecturer in Spanish at Idaho State University since the fall of 2004. 
Photo Nancy Wells, Adjunct Instructor. M.A. Spanish Linguistics (BYU), B.A. Spanish Translation and Interpretation with a minor in International Relations (BYU).

While working on her M.A. at BYU, Mrs. Wells taught first and second year Spanish at BYU. Mrs. Wells came to ISU as a lecturer in 1993 and taught first and second year Spanish at ISU for seven years before taking a break to spend time with her family. She has recently returned to ISU to teach as an Adjunct Instructor. During her years of absence she has spent numerous hours working and serving in the public school system with English Language Learners and their families. She enjoys translating and interpreting for the families and school staff members. She has lived in Uruguay, Spain, and Mexic, and she loves to travel.

Photo Andrea Kayser, Instructor, Spanish. Andrea holds a B.A. in Anthropology and an M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona, and earned an M.A. in Anthropology from Idaho State University in 2013. She lived in the Republic of Panama from 1999 to 2008, and has worked as a cultural anthropologist, archaeologist, and translator. She is on the staff of the Idaho Museum of Natural History and is a founding member of the ISU Kendo Club. She teaches first-year Spanish.


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